Objectives and Values


The main obje​ctives of Jubail University College can be summarized as:
  1. To contribute to the develo​pment a​n​​d prosperity of Saudi society through openness to the developed world while observing the principles of Islam.

  2. To provide opportunities for the growing number of high school graduates (men and women) to have an opportunity to receive higher education and training in order to fulfill their future ambitions.

  3. To conduct applied research relevant to projects associated with the localization and development of technology, and to solve problems pertaining to that, in the various economic sectors.

  4. To achieve a distinctive level of performance in the applied academic field to prepare professionals who can keep pace with and utilize global technological developments.

  5. To provide well-trained and qualified Saudi manpower to meet the requirements of industrial development projects and investment in Jubail Industrial City.

  6. To contribute to the stability of the lo​cal community in Jubail Industrial City and to attract qualified Saudi nationals to work in and manage the city projects.


We believe that maintaining a culture that depends on moral values and religion is far better than laws and regulations. We are proud to commit to the following values:  

            • we honor our loyalty to the principles of society and uncompromising work ethics
            • we are dedicated to uncompromising excellence
            • we are committed to doing the right thing for the right reasons
            • we are keen to explore and expand the boundaries of knowledge

Team Work:
            • we are committed to working together to achieve our shared goals

            • ​we create and implement a balanced approach between traditional values and openness to growth and development.

Measuring excellence by impact:
            • we focus on issues critical to regional development, national interest, and global welfare.

            • ​we strive to create a safe and dynamic learning environment that encourages the development of individual potential

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