Finance and Procurement

  1. Providing all financial and accounting services to the two college branches- Male and Female.
  2. Providing the materials, equipment and devices to the college branches according to the conditions approved on time and at the right price.
  1. Preparing the annual budget for the College in accordance to the rules & regulations of budget preparation.
  2. Preparing students rewards according to the established systems.
  3. Providing all the needs of the college and its branches according to the rules.
  4. Developing financial accounting systems, methods and procedures .
  5. Preparing hours of work and overtime pay.
  6. Doing all the operational tasks to purchase materials, equipment and devices.
  7. Advertising for the competitions, and arra​nging meetings with the contractors and suppliers to answer their questions.
  8. Arranging purchase orders after receiving them and completing documentation.
  9. Preparing periodic reports about the activities of the unit and its achievements and proposals to develop its works and submitting them to the Director of the Administration.
  10. Being familiar with price movement in the market and keeping the files (catalogs) and price lists of companies and institutions.
  11. Save the files and records relating to the regular procurement procedures