Planning & Academic Development



To lead and innovate the planning, development and quality management processes which enable the College to compete locally and regionally.


​Promoting quality assurance and continuous improvement culture and practices in academic and administrative fields in compliance with accreditation requirements through development of policies, procedures, plans and programs.

General Objectives
  1. Achieve Total Quality in academic and administrative processes.
  2. Lead the strategic planning process in the College.
  3. Continuous development and evaluation of curriculum and academic programs.
  4. Continuous improvement and measurement of performance through key indicators.
  5. Achieve national and international accreditations for the institution and academic programs.
  6. Commitment to widespread involvement of staff, students and other stakeholders in the quality assurance processes.
  7. Focus on efficient management, planning and resource processes to achieve excellence and to ensure continuous improvement.
  8. Commitment to judging outcomes and processes against the highest internal and external standards.
  9. Carryout semester wise and annual students, faculty and staff evaluations.
  10. Liaise with national and international institutions regarding exchange of institutional and program benchmarking data. 
  11. Encouraging scientific research and conducting applied and development studies.

  12. Diversify and update the techniques of learning resources
  13. Enhancing communication with the internal and external community and building the tributaries of partnership.

  14. Providing opportunities for continuing education and professional development.

Hierarchical Structure of 
Deputy for Planning & Academic Development