Assessment and Evaluation Unit

Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Assist departments (academic and non-academic) and units in the College to ensure that the assessment procedures have been implemented appropriately
  2. Coordinate with all relevant departments at the College to ensure the implementation of the plans and procedures for the student assessment and performance measure are aligned with the desired goals.
  3. Collect and analyze all statistical data on the performance of students and programs to measure their achievement.
  4. Participate in the process of developing and measuring the performance of educational strategies.
  5. Follow-up the implementation of all regulations and procedures for student assessment through performance measuring.
  6. Provide the academic departments with the semester-wise reports on the student performance along with the trend of the achievement with respect to the past accomplishments.
  7. Perform any other tasks assigned within the context of Assessment & Evaluation Unit.
  8. Administer the Accreditation Management System (Jadeer), and follow-up with the vendor any updates.
  9. Follow-up with the academic departments to ensure that all relevant accreditation data uploaded onto the accreditation system.
  10. Resolve any technical issues in the accreditation system and the in-house databases.
  11. Carryout benchmarking data analysis at institutional and program levels.