Admission Requirements

Conditions of Admission Acceptance:

On its own journey to achieve excellence, Jubail University College annually chooses the elite students who meet the criteria of conditions and standards of acceptance. The candidate applying for admission acceptance has to fulfill the following standards:

  1. The student should be Saudi or from a Saudi mother.
  2. The student's high school degree or its equivalent should not exceed more than five years, and the College Board may make exception from this condition.
  3. The student should have a high school diploma with a good grade as minimum.
  4. The student should pass the General Aptitude Test for both the Science and art specialties, and the Scholastic Achievement Admission Test for Science specialty only.
  5. The student should pass the medical exam.
  6. The student should successfully pass any test or prearranged interview appointed by the College Council.
  7. The student should have the approval form from the institution or the company that he/she works in, in order to study.
  8. The student should fulfill any standards that the College Council specifies and declares.

Moreover, the preference for admitting the students is based on the measured grades which resulted on the student's score in the General Aptitude Test, Scholastic Achievement Admission Test, and the student's GPA in the high school.