Admission Requirements

Conditions of Admission Acceptance:

On its own journey to achieve excellence, Jubail University College annually chooses the elite students who meet the criteria of conditions and standards of acceptance. The candidate applying for admission acceptance has to fulfill the following standards:

  1. A candidate should have a high school degree or what equals that, whether from inside or outside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. It is conditioned that the high school degree or the degree that equals it is obtained for no more than five years from the date of applying. There can be exceptions made by the college council if convincing reasons where provided.
  3. The candidate should have good reputation.
  4. A candidate should successfully pass any test or prearranged interview appointed by the college council.
  5. A candidate should be qualified to apply in terms of health conditions.
  6. A candidate should obtain an approval of applying for college from the institution that the candidate works in, whether governmental or private sector (for male students only).
  7. A candidate should fulfill any other standards that the college council specifies and declares in the day of admission.
  8. It is conditioned for the candidates, (males and females) who obtained their high school degree from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia that there degree undergo the scientific or Islamic law and Arabic studies ,and for females to be a graduate of one of the schools of memorization of Quran or should obtain a degree that equals that.
  9. A candidate must not be suspended from any other college or university for disciplinary reasons.
  10. A candidate should obtain a degree in an ability and achievement test for the scientific track (for males and females) and an ability test for the literary track (for females only).
  11. A candidate should be a graduate of a school in Jubail city (for females only).
  12. The candidate should be fully devoted to regular studying (for females only).  

Candidates who fulfil the requirements and meet the standards of admission acceptance will be accepted. Acceptance will be decided upon the grades obtained by the candidates in high school, or upon any other conditions set by Jubail University College. According to the regulations of the college, all accepted students should successfully finish the prep year -which lasts for two semesters- before the actual start of studying bachelor courses. Students are entitled to choose the specialization that they wish to major in, depending on their achievement in the prep year, and with accordance to the regulations regarding this issue. Concerning female students, once she is accepted in the college, she will be asked to determine her prospective specialization through her personal electronic account.

Studying period:

*Studying period in Jubail university college lasts for 5 years; one prep year followed by four years in the bachelor.

*Each academic year consists of two regular semesters and one summer semester.



*Each regular semester consists of 15 weeks, whereas the summer semester consists of 8 weeks. Knowing that, the first academic semester starts in September and ends in January. The second semester starts in February and ends in June.

*Summer semester normally starts in the last week of June.

Method of grade calculation:

*grades used are letters that has specific values as clarified below to assess the students' achievement in courses.

*The overall average reflects the academic achievement of the students' accumulative grades.

* Each course is evaluated according to its credited hours.

* Each theoretical lecture equals one credited hour, whereas each three lab hours equals one credited hour.

* Overall average can be calculated as follows:

* Points of each degree are multiplied by the credited hours to obtain the total grade for each course. By adding all achieved grade points in all courses, the total average of all grades can be calculated.

* The overall average can be calculated by dividing the total grade points by the total number of credited hours achieved in a specific number of courses.

GradesGrades in alphabetsGrade description points
From 90 to 95 AExcellent3.75
From 85 to 90B+superior3.50
From 80 to 85BVery good3.00
From 75 to 80C+High pass2.50
From 70 to 75CAbove average 2.00
From 65 to 70D+good1.50
From 60 to 65DPass1.00
Less than 60FFail0.00
WPWithdrawn with pass
WFWithdrawn with fail


The overall average of the student consists of three categories:

  1. The accumulative average of each semester.
  2. The general accumulative average.
  3. The main overall average.

The following is an example of how to calculate the overall average:

CourseGrade value Credited hoursGrade points (grade value*credited hours)
English h001B+=3.5083.55*8=28.00
Calculus 001 C=2.0042.00*4=8.00
Information technology 001A=3.7513.75*1=3.75
Practical engineering 001B=3.0013.00*1=3.00
Total 1442.75

Overall average=overall grade points/overall credited hours= 42.75/14=3.05