Message From Deputy for Student Affairs

Welcome to the Deputyship for Student Affairs at Jubail University College.

I am pleased to welcome visitors to the site of Students Affairs Deputyship which I wish to contain the necessary information to answer inquiries.

Proceeding from the Deputyship important role, it seeks providing adequate information about the College and its academic departments, majors and conditions of admission; in addition to, informing students about the necessary rules and regulations for studying; such as, testing, rewards … etc. all through the Admission and Registration Office

Additionally, it looks forward for creating an appropriate environment for studying in order to achieve its goals and vision through holding students' activities and providing guidance and counseling services, nutrition and ID cards, permits for entry of vehicles etc., where all this take place through the Student Services Office.

Moreover, the deputyship seeks to follow up recent developments in its business and keep abreast of new technical developments that contribute to the improvement of action mechanisms, accomplishing tasks, simplifying procedures, and the shift to electronic work environment under the guidance of the wise leadership which would lead to the actual application of e-government. We are looking forward to develop our business in the deputyship through your positive responses as beneficiaries of our services via providing us with your constructive and purposeful comments and suggestions.

الدكتور/ عبدالواحد بن عبدالله العبدالواحد

Dr. Abdulwahid  A. Al-Abdulwahid

وكيل الكلية لشؤون الطلاب
 Dean for Student Affairs
عنوان العمل: مبنى أ مكتب 86
Location: Building A, Office #86​
هاتف:  Tel #: +96613342XXXX​
البريد الإلكتروني:  Email:​​