College Council

The college is formed at the beginning of every academic year based on a decision by the General Manager for Colleges and Institute. The Council is chaired by the College's Managing Director and the members are the College Deputies, All Chairpersons of Academic Departments, The Director of Administration and Finance, the Registrar, in addition to selected senior Faculty Members.

The College Council meets at least once a month, at the call of the chairperson, to study all critical issues of the college, set strategic directions, discuss regulations and operation guidelines, and decide on all academic as well as non-academic issues. The College Council also reviews the policies, practices, and procedures of the College. The college council meetings are conducted using video conferencing facilities since the deputies and chairpersons of the female branch are council members.

The topics discussed by the college council are referred from the managing director. According to college procedures, the minutes of meetings and decisions of all departments have to be endorsed by the college council's approval. The decisions of the permanent or temporary committees are not final unless approved by the college council.

The Council meeting is considered official only if one-third of the members attend the meeting. No decisions are taken unless they gain the absolute majority of votes among the members who are present. However, if there is a tie in the voting, the Chairperson will have the deciding vote.


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