Safety and Security


Preserving the facilities, buildings and properties of the College and ensuring the safety of its staff, in addition to improving the level of discipline in order to ensure the proper functioning of the educational and professional process.

  • Preparing the plans necessary to meet emergencies and working on the development of the College staff through training in coordination with the competent authorities.
  • Preparing evacuation maps and assembly areas and placing them in the appropriate locations in front of emergency exits for easy access and follow instructions.
  • Ensuring the implementation of safety procedures within the College premises.
  • Raising the awareness of safety and security issues.
  • Preparation of comprehensive security reports regarding the College buildings periodically.
  • Preserving the College buildings as well as preventing any attempts that may be subjected to acts of damage or theft of its properties and working on the safety and maintenance of the public safety devices such as fire extinguishers, emergency exits ... etc.
  • Issuing student ID cards.
  • Issuing College exit permits for the female students.
  • Controlling lost properties and delivering them to their proprietors.
  • Managing safety arrangements during internal events and activities.
  • Controlling students' violations of the College regulations.
  • Controlling the entry and exit of female students to and from the College premises.