Registrar's Office

Admission and Registration Department seeks to achieve excellence in the performance of all operations and Admission and Registration within the framework of achieving quality, transparency and justice among the students, with the optimum use of technology in all of the processes through the elements of distinct human and systematic work stimulating high quality, and cooperation with the relevant bodies to achieve this distinction.

Section also seeks to achieve quality assurance and accreditation, according to the standards of the overall quality of all the services offered by the Department of Admission and Registration, and the development of efficient performance, and to encourage excellence and creativity among employees of the department and the development of mechanisms and criteria for accepting students.

The section also provides the following tasks:
  • All the services are provided by the department through the the electronic portal.
  • Electronic Admission System
  • Continuous updating of the electronic system to meet the needs of all users.
  • Prepare the necessary evidence.
  • Active participation in all College activities.
Admission Requirements:
  1. The student must have a high school diploma, or its equivalent from Saudi Arabia, or from elsewhere.

  2. Should not have been more than five years on receiving a high school diploma, or its equivalent and the college Board may make exception from this requirement if there is compelling reasons.

  3. Must obtain a good character and behavior.
  4. Successfully passing any test, or an interview by college council.
  5. To be medically fit.
  6. Approval of the reference to study if the candidate works.
  7. To meet any other requirements determined by the College Council, at the time of submission.

As the admission will be based on the final count of weighted marks and which are a result of the student's grade in the general aptitude test and the achievement test grades and the high school GPA.

Duration of study:

Five years Including the preparatory year and four-years of specialization.

Staff cont​​​​act information:
Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Shamrani
Tel: (+966)13 342 6870
Office: 84 Admin Building A