Curriculum Development Unit

Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Design and develop appropriate curricula for each academic program, through the CDC, to meet the benchmarking standards, the technology development, and the needs of the stakeholders.
    2. Overseeing the planning and coordination of all internal and external audit and evaluation processes of academic programs.
    3. Establish and develop an effective system for reviewing the quality assurance measures in all academic programs.
    4. Supervise the planning and coordination of all processes related to the program annual review and evaluation of programs
    5. Follow-up the implementation of the decisions of the College Council concerning the fundamental changes in the curriculum.
    6. Plan and coordinate all processes related to the development of new academic programs in the College.
    7. Supervising the activities of Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) and Curriculum Development Committee (CDC) to achieve quality teamwork and academic excellence.
    8. Facilitate training and support for the academic staff in the fields of curriculum development.
    9. Supervision of the periodic reviews of academic curricula and programs in the College for continuous improvement.
    10. Coordinate with other units in the College to assess the achievement of performance indexes.
    11. Develop professional relationships with local and global evaluation agencies as well as with professional bodies as focal points for institutional communication.
    12. Any other tasks assigned within the context of Curriculum Development Unit.
    13. Determining appropriate academic assessment methods for programs and curricula.
    14. Determining the textbooks and references needed for academic courses.
    15. Designing academic programs and educational packages for the new specializations required by the needs of the labor market and society.
    16. Conducting studies to measure achievement levels, students' achievement and academic progress, analyze results of studies and drafting appropriate recommendations.
    17. Technical and administrative supervision over various activities of the Curriculum Development Committee.
    18. Addressing the scientific departments with the decisions of the Curriculum Development Committee after they are approved by the college council.