Vision, Mission and Objectives


T​o be nationally and regionally recognized for its excellent and dynamic academic environment.


​To offer diverse and distinctive academic programs, foster students’ learning and facilitate faculty and staff professional development.​

  1. To provide opportunities for the growing number of high school graduates (male and female) to have an opportunity to receive higher education and training in order to fulfill their future ambitions,
  2. To conduct applied research relevant to projects associated with the localization and development of technology, and to solve problems pertaining to that, in the various economic sectors, 
  3. To achieve a distinctive level of performance in the applied academic field to prepare professionals who can keep pace with and utilize global technological developments,
  4. To provide well-trained and qualified Saudi manpower to meet the requirements of industrial development projects and investment in Jubail Industrial City.
  5. To contribute to the stability of the local community in Jubail Industrial City and to attract qualified Saudi nationals to work in and manage the city projects.
  6. To provide an academic environment for faculty members and students.
  7. To facilitate the educational processes to minimize barriers.
  8. ​Pursue lifelong learning and continuing education.