Strategic Planning Committee

Duties and Responsibilities
  1. To set the plans for strategic planning.
  2. To formulate the necessary sub-committees to carry out specific tasks.
  3. To revise JUC mission, vision and values in consultation with all relevant stakeholders.
  4. To set up and lead the necessary workshops and meetings such as:
    • Vision, mission and values workshop.
    • SWOT analysis workshop
    • Strategic goals and strategic priorities workshop.
    • Projects, initiatives, benchmarking and KPIs workshop.
  5. To review and approve the list of interviews and questionnaire designed for data collection.
  6. Prepare the SWOT analysis report.
  7. Select the national and international benchmarking institutions.
  8. Prepare the draft and the final version of the revised mission, vision and values statements.
  9. Formulate the strategic goals and the relevant strategies.
  10. Determine JUC strategic priorities.
  11. Prepare the operational projects, initiatives and KPIs.
  12. Prepare the final strategic plan/planning report.
  13. To monitor the implementation of the strategic plan.
  14. To review the strategic goals and objectives in the light of the implementation outcomes of the strategic plan.