English Language Department

Welcome to the English Language Department (ELD), which in cooperation with the General Studies Department, provides core preparatory year English language instruction to students entering the university.  In the male branch, English language instruction prepares pre-undergraduate students for their specialisation degrees, which are taught in the English language.  In addition to this, a fully developed English language bachelor degree program is offered in the female branch.

Due to the English language being the primary language of instruction at JUC, the English Language Department recognises its key role in contributing to the success of all specialisation programs generally.  Accordingly, over 20 full time permanent English teaching faculty members are employed who have extensive experience in teaching English as a second or other language (ESOL). This specialist team of English language educators is steadily developing and increasing in response to the needs of the ever-growing Preparatory Year Program population. 

In the Female Branch, the English Language Department provides for a five-year program divided into the following parts:

  1. Preparatory Year Program (PYP).        1 year.
  2. Bachelor Program (BA).                       4 years.

The PYP constitutes 30-credits and students take intensive English along with communication skills and I.T. courses.  The PYP English program is an integrated skills based course that offers integrated skills at two levels. Students are required to pass these two PYP English levels to advance to the bachelor's degree.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in English offers a 4-year course of study. While students with an arts background, who have successfully completed the PYP program, can register to study the English bachelor degree program, students with a science background are required to complete an additional course in communication skills.

Students admitted to the English BA program progress through four levels of a 130 credit-hour program and are assessed in accordance with pre-determined learning outcomes. The BA program includes a comprehensive analysis of the key components of the English language, linguistics, literature, ESOL and core elements of translation.