Vision and Mission


To become a pioneer in fostering outstanding quality in student support, services and innovative activities through the deployment of excellent technologies.


Providing high quality admission, registration and student services while using state-of –the art technological systems and organizing non-curricular activities which enable students to develop their skills and competences.

  1. To contribute in the preparation of the university student to achieve the balanced and integrated personality.
  2.  Highlight the efforts of the students for various activities during their stay.
  3. Create the appropriate environment for the students to develop their skills.
  4. Discover the students’ talents and motivate the creative students.
  5. Share experiences with others and work on motivate and support the student.
  6. Build the student's personality by taking responsibility and work as a united team.
  7. Deeping the sense of belonging among the students for their nation and country.
  8. Support the partnership and look for other partners
  9. Develop the mechanism and criteria for the admission