Mission and Vision

Mission of Scientific Council:

Supervision of scientific affairs of faculty, scientific research, studies and publications.


Tasks of Scientific Council:

  1. Decision on scientific promotions of faculty in accordance with its rules.
  2. Encouragement of scientific research, authoring, translation and publication through:
      • Rules to encourage the preparation of the scientific research.
      • Proposal for the establishment of scientific research centers.
      • Coordination between scientific research centers and the development of a general operating plan.
      • Organizing the cooperation/ communication with external research centers outside of Colleges and Institutes.
      • Determining bonuses and acknowledgement of scientific activities and arbitrations and its disbursement.
      • Publication of scientific research and scientific literature and thesis/ letters if approved by the scientific council.
      • Recommendation of issuing scientific periodicals/ journals.
      • Recommend the establishment of scientific societies, museums and coordination among them.
  3. Evaluation of scientific qualification certificates submitted by the Saudis faculty members.
  4. Consider/ discuss submittals referred by the Colleges and Institutes councils.