Field Training

​Field training program is a compulsory subject for all specializations offered by the Jubail University College. It involves placement of students at an approved private or government enterprise to acquire skills required in the real working environment students who encounter obstacles to be placed in workplace are directed to do denier project instead (revere to the senior project guide ).

This manual encompasses the field training program regulations and rules that must be applied at Jubail University College. Indeed, most of the regulations, rules and forms this are in this manual are adopted from the procedural guides on field training at Jubail industrial college.

Field Training Objectives;

  • Exposing students to the real work environment and get acquainted with the organization structure, business operations and administrative functions.

  • Having hands on experience so that students can relate theory to the practical experience.

  • Providing guidance for future career opportunities.

  • Fostering cooperation and developing collaboration between industry and the college in promoting acknowledgeable society.

  • Improving & developing students 'work ethics, interpersonal skills, management, and teamwork skills.