Benefits and Facilities for Faculty

​Benefits and Facilities for JUC Employees

Jubail University College(JUC)

 Is run by the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu. As an academic institution, JUC teaches on the semester system (fall and spring). Each semester extends over 16-18 weeks (15 of regular classes and the rest for final exams). Holidays are determined betwee​n semesters by the concerned entities following a national calendar for all schools in the country. At times there may be some courses offered on a summer semester of 6 weeks. Instructors who wish to teach in the summer are paid extra time and given 3 weeks' vacation before the start of the next semester.

The offer of employment for the teaching staff JUC includes the following:-
Basic salary

The JUC applicant will have an ATTRACTIVE salary which depends on the number of years experience for which he is eligible under the prevailing payment policy of the Royal Commission


Upon arrival at the employment location, the employee shall be given free single status furnished housing for which he is eligible under the prevailing RC housing policy. Employee shall be entitled for family accommodation only after successful completion of probationary period. He/she shall pay for utilities and maintenance charge, but subject to any charge in his marital or employment status, for the duration of employment. Upon termination of employment, the employee shall return over the housing unit within the period of notice of termination, or if termination is without notice, in not more than 15 days. The employee's occupancy of the housing unit shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the Royal commission. He shall further be responsible for maintenance, loss, and damage to the housing unit. He will though have to pay his consumption bill (e.g. water, telephone, power etc.).


60 days for teaching and training staff and 45 days for technicians, in addition there are 2 short period vacations at Eid-Al-Fitr, at Ed Al-Adh`ha.

For those who are not instructors, 30 Days paid vacation after 12 months will be granted.

Working Hours

Working hours at JUC are 40 hours from Saturday to Wednesday. The working day is divided into three parts: Teaching hours, Office hours and preparation hours.

These 40 hours are distributed as follows:
  • Senior Lecturer: 16 Teaching Hours + 15 Office Hours + 9 Preparation Hours.
  • Lecturer: 18 Teaching Hours + 12 Office Hours + 10 Preparation Hours.
  • Instructor (English): 20 Teaching Hours + 10 Office Hours + 10 Preparation Hours.
  • ​Assistant Instructor: 24 Teaching Hours + 6 Office Hours + 10 Preparation Hours.
Air Tickets

Annual round-trip air tickets will be provided once a year for the employee, his wife, and up to two children.

Health Care

The employee and members of his family will be provided with free health care at the Royal Commission health care facilities.

Education of Children

Two of the employee`s children, under the age of 18, will be provided free education in the schools specified by the Royal Commission.

Settling-in (Start-of Service) Gratuity

Upon appointment the employee will be paid the following allowances:
  • A family-status employee shall receive half a month`s salary after probation period, and the other half upon the arrival of his dependents. A single- status employee shall receive half a month`s salary after probation period.
Service Increment

When renewing the contract the faculty may get an annual increase in the monthly base salary based on his performance in the previous year of service.

End-of-Service Gratuity

The employee will be paid an amount equal to half a month`s salary for each first five years of employment; and one month`s salar​y for each subsequent year.

  • The contract is initially signed for two years. It is then renewable for a year thereafter.
  • All teaching staff on family status can bring their families only after the probation period of 90 days.
  • All the salary and benefits are tax-free.


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