Graduates Employment

Alumni Recruitment:

The Office of Alumni Recruitment is responsible for following the College graduates up; in addition to, facilitating their transition from the educational environment to the professional environment. Further, the Office tracks the graduates' academic and professional developments as well as strengthening the connection between the College and its graduates. One of the most important functions of the Office is conducting studies of the labor market to provide constructive recommendations for developing and improving the academic programs in the College to comply with those requirements of the labor market.

The Office aims to:

1. Secure employment opportunities for graduates of the College commensurate with their specializations, interests, and competences.

2. The construction of an alumni specialized database for easy communication with them.

3. Following the graduates' employment statuses through:

a. Preparing studies on the disciplines required and non-required by the labor market.

b. Holding periodic meetings for the graduates.

Alumni Information Update:

Alumni Association

Based on Jubail University College goals concerning contributing to the development of the community through identifying its needs to offer programs fulfilling those needs, and in order to establish closer links to the College alumni and support their role in serving the society and benefitting from their thoughts and experiences in the development of the College, the Alumni Association has been established to achieve that goal.

JUC Female Alumni:


Recruitment Statistics:

Job Opportunities ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Business Administration​119
Management Information Systems​137
Interior Design​107
​Computer Science and Engineering​56
English Language​44
​Total ​​463