Community Service & Continuous Education Unit

The Community Service Unit acts as the main link between the College and the other official bodies besides the community in general. It provides the College graduates efficient follow up by providing them with appropriate employment opportunities, in addition to providing quality training programs to meet the needs of the society and its institutions. It also seeks to contribute in developing a knowledge society through holding seminars and enrichment gatherings for members of these institutions through which the College would complete its required roles. In other words, the Unit presents various courses, workshops, and activities that are directed to the College's internal and external communities. Furthermore, it offers special training programs that are designed to fulfill the professional and vocational needs and demands of companies and institutions depending on the contemporary standards of industry. Thus, the Unit's initiatives targets developing the College available human and non-human resources and utilizing them to build and sustain a sophisticated community.

All in all, the Community Service & Continuous Education Unit has been established since 2011 concurrently with the first batch of the Field Training Program students and it reports directly to the College Deputy for the female branch.