English Club

​Welcome to the Jubail​ University College English Club's webpage.

First: Male Branch:​

The English club is structured specifically to enhance the students’ knowledge in the art of communication in English and advance the general skills in social discourse as a way to develop linguistic diversity at the university. The activities of the club are geared towards creating opportunities to develop effusive communication amongst its members.

  • To organize and develop successfully multiple clubs based on social/ behavioral skills that promote verbal flow among their respective members partaking in several extracurricular, fun activities.
  • To provide students opportunities with earning certificates of attendance of the club to add to their academic profiles.



Second: Female Branch:



To provide students with the native-like second language environment necessary for pragmatism in learning, working on the aesthetic senses of the students so that English is 'acquired' without any stress and fatigue of an academic class.



After discussing with the students their field of interest at the end of a semester, the club organizer arranges for new clubs with new teachers, plans schedules and activities to be ready to begin the next semester. The activities are interactive and students take the center of the stage.

However, activities are arranged under the supervision of English teachers assigned to each club. 

The progress of the club is reviewed biweekly by the admin.

Some of the permanent clubs under the umbrella of the ELC are French Language Club, Japanese Language Club, Turkish Language Club, Health and Fitness Club and Drama Club.



The students walk away with improved vocabulary, improved confidence, improved self-esteem and an added skill in addition to certificates of attendance in their respective clubs. ​