Sports Committee

Sports Committee seeks to provide an educational activity is working on raising students' education balanced and integrated aspects: emotional, social, physical and mental, through programs and areas of sports and seeks to contribute to the achievement of the general objectives of physical education through the following:

  1. Raise awareness of sports.
  2. Planting and establishing the correct concepts of physical education and physical activity , including work to the concept of team spirit and recognize the educational dimension of the right sports competitions .
  3. Development of social trends sound and ethical conduct by some of the positions in the group games and individual and equip them with self-confidence and the development of the spirit of sport.
  4. Contributing to get rid of the stress and exhaustion of emotions and dump excess energy and the satisfaction of psychological needs and social adjustment and self-realization.
  5. Appreciate the importance of investing some leisure time sports activities useful.
  6. Raising the level of physical competence for students by providing them with appropriate doses of exercise that develops the body and keeps the sound textures.
  7. Provide students with the skills and motor skills, which are based on the rules of sports and health to build a healthy body and even lead his duties in the service of his religion and his sovereign and his country and his community firmly fixed.
  8. Care and attention to talented students in different sports and work on improving their previous levels of technical and footwork.
  9. To contribute to the preparation of leaders conscious of the students by providing them with adequate opportunities to participate in the programs of activities through committees and arbitration organization and registration.