Innovations and Inventions Club


The Committee aims to build an environment of creativity and talent development and support through:

  1. Developing the capabilities and skills of talented creators and innovators.
  2. Seeking to find the pioneers of creative and talented young people in the fields of science and technology.
  3. Providing financial and in-kind support for the gifted and inventors and their families in order to help them overcome the difficulties that limit the growth of their abilities and talents.
  4. Providing an interactive environment which would enable having effective communication between the gifted students and other individuals.
  5. Providing a window for programs and services and education for the gifted students and caregivers.
  6. Development and investment of inventions and innovations.
  7. Coordination with institutions and centers inside and outside the Kingdom in the field of competence and seeking building partnerships with them.
  8. To do what the Committee considers contributing to achieving its goals.