Textbooks for English Language

Course CodeBook TitleAuthor
ENGL 001Q Skills for Success Special Edition R/W 1Sarah Lynn
ENGL 001Q Skills for Success Special Edition L/S 1Jamie Scanlon
ENGL 001Reading Explorer 1Nancy Douglas
ENGL 002Q Skills for Success Special Edition R/W 2

Joe McVeigh

Jennifer Bixby

ENGL 002Q Skills for Success Special Edition L/S 2Margaret Brooks
ENGL 002Q Skills for Success Special Edition R/W 3

Margot Gramer

Colins Ward

ENGL 002Q Skills for Success Special Edition L/S 3

Miles Craven

Kristen Sherman

ENGL 003Present Yourself 1Steven Gershon
ENGL 004 Present Yourself 2Steven Gershon
ENGL 111Mosaic 1 Writing

Laurie Blass

Meredith Pike-Baky

ENGL 111Mosaic 1 Reading Brenda Wegman/ MikiPrijic Knezevic
ENGL 111

Mosaic 1 Listening/Speaking

W/ Audio Highlights

Jami Hanreddy/

Elizabeth Whalley

ENGL 111

 Mosaic 1 Grammar

(Intermediate to High Intermediate)

Patricia K.Werner/

Lou Spaventa

ENGL 112Mosaic 2 Grammar

Patricia K. Werner/

John P. Nelson

ENGL 112Mosaic 2 Reading

Brenda Wegman/

Miki Knezevic

ENGL 112Mosaic 2 Writing Laurie Blass/ Meredith Pike-Baky
ENGL 112

Mosaic 2 Listening/Speaking

 W/ Audio Highlights CD:

Jami Hanreddy/ Elizabeth Whalley
ENGL 113College Reading and Study SkillsMcWhorter, Kathleen T.
ENGL 114

Focus on Grammar   Book 3:

An Integrated Skills Approach

Fuchs, Marjorie & Bonner, Margaret.
ENGL 115

Focus on Grammar   Book 4:

An Integrated Skills Approach

Fuchs, Marjorie and Bonner, Margaret.
ENGL 116Well Said: Pronunciation for Clear Communication Grant, Linda.
ENGL 117Effective Academic Writing 2  Alice Savage
Patricia Mayer
ENGL 118Academic Writing: a Handbook for StudentsStephen Bailey
ENGL 160The Study of LanguageYule, George.
ENGL 219Presenting: Deliver presentations with confidenceBurton, G.
ENGL 222Writing Academic English (Level 4)Alice Oshima
Ann Hogue
ENGL 223Writing and Reporting News: A Coaching MethodRich, Carol.
ENGL 231Translation as Problems and SolutionsGhazala, Hassan.
ENGL 232Introducing Translation StudiesMunday, Jeremy.
ENGL 241Introduction to  LiteratureSylvan Barnett
ENGL 242Pride and PrejudiceJane Austen
ENGL 242OroonokoBehn, Aphra
ENGL 242Great ExpectationsCharles Dickens
ENGL 242Robinson CrusoeDaniel DeFoe
ENGL 251ESL/EFL Teaching: Principles for SuccessFreeman and Freeman
ENGL 261A History of English LanguageBaugh, Albert C. and Cable, Thomas.
ENGL 262Applied Linguistics ( Oxford Introductions to Language Study)Cook, Guy.
ENGL 263PhoneticsRoach, Peter.
ENGL 264Introducing Linguistic MorphologyBauer, Laurie.
ENGL 311The Art of Public SpeakingLucas
ENGL 324A Workbook with ReadingsLinda Anderson
ENGL 333

Interpretation: Techniques and Exercises

 (Professional Interpreting in the Real World)

Nolan, James.
ENGL 343Antigone Sophocles Antigone
ENGL 343MacbethShakespeare
ENGL 343Doll's HouseIbsen, Henrik.
ENGL 343Pygmalion (Penguin Classics)Shaw, George Bernard.
ENGL 344Poetry: An IntroductionMeyer, Michael.
ENGL 345The Invention of WingsSue Monk Kidd
ENGL 345A Pale View of HillsKazuo Ishiguro
ENGL 352Materials and Methods in ELT: A Teacher's Guide (Applied Language Studies) McDonough, Jo.
ENGL 353Language Curriculum Design(ESL and Applied Linguistics Professional Series)Nation, JI.S.P.
ENGL 365Understanding PhonologyGussenhoven, Carlos and Jacobs, Haike.
ENGL 366Psycholinguistics: Language, Mind and WorldSteinberg, Danny D., Hiroshi Nagata, and David P. Aline.
ENGL 367How Languages are Learned: Oxford Handbook for Language Teachers Lightbown & Spada
ENGL 446Literary Theory The BasicsBertens, Hans.
ENGL 454A Practical  Guide to Using Computers in Language Teaching De Szendeffy, John.
ENGL 455Language Testing (Oxford Introduction to Language Study ELT)McNamara, Tim And Widdowson, H.G.
ENGL 460Sociolinguistics  Chambers, J.K., Hudson, R.A.
ENGL 468An Introduction to English Syntax (Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language)Jim Miller
ENGL 469Semantics: A CoursebookHurford, Heasley & Smith.