Activities and Announcements

Joint FDW between Business Administration Department, JUC (Female Branch) and Department of Management Science, YUC (Female Branch)

The Business Administration Department of Jubail University College-Female Branch, in association with the Department of Management Science of Yanbu University College-Female Branch, organized the first collaborative Faculty Development Workshop (FDW) entitled "Innovative Teaching Strategies – Flipped Classrooms" on the 20th January 2016.  The workshop was made possible through video conferencing.

Dr. Asha Alexander, Chairperson of Business Administration Department (JUC-Female Branch) gave a welcome address and gave an overview about the department. Dr. Wan Mohammed, Head of Department of Management Science (Yanbu University College), carried out the same.  An exchange of greetings and warm wishes took place between Dr. Ghadah Al Saleh, College Deputy (JUC-Female Branch), and Dr. Maram Mc Mullen, DMD of Yanbu University College-Female Branch, which reassured more future collaborations in achieving greater goals for the improvement of both the departments.

Dr. Abirami Devi Sivakumar, Ms. Zakiya Abdul Samad and Ms. Yasmeen Al Dhafiri from JUC Business Administration Department conducted the workshop about Flipped Classrooms as one of the innovative teaching strategies.  The workshop included an activity that was done simultaneously by the faculty of both universities. The activity allowed the teachers to participate and practice on how to flip a classroom relating it to one of the courses they handle.  The workshop was concluded by the awarding of the certificates to the speakers and a vote of thanks.


"Organ Donation Awareness Campaign"

What About?

The Business Administration Department (Female Branch) presented a project based assignment for the course Project Management entitled "PROJECTS IN ACTION".  It was led by Project Management Students to showcase their knowledge in projects planning and execution.  One of the highlights of this presentation is the launch of the 'Organ Donation Awareness Campaign'.  Inspired from the quote "That if one person donated his organs after cerebral death, it can give life to 7 patients on waiting list", this avant-garde campaign received an enthusiastic support from the students and faculty members who are willing to participate and donate.  Currently, 120 students and faculty had already signed up as donors.  The project organizers are expecting for more people to take part as they continue to spread awareness in the College.

How it started?

A JUC student had seen this project assignment as an opportunity to bring awareness on organ donation to her schoolmates and as well as to the faculty.  She has been a volunteer in the Saudi Foundation for Promoting Organ Donation (EITHAR) when she asked the assistance of the organization to bring the campaign in the College.  EITHAR is a non-governmental organization that aims to promote organ donations in Saudi Arabia by creating awareness about organ donation from living and non-living donors (after brain death donation) in order to meet the urgent needs of organ failure patients. 


This campaign aims…


  • To promote organ donation and transplantation as a treatment for many life threatening diseases such as heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes and cystic fibrosis.
  • To help the hospitals in East Province to have a database from the collected applications of donors.
  • To convince people by filling the agreement application that can be as a database for hospitals which will increase the chance of donating organs after person declared brain dead.
  • To provide support, care, information and advocacy for people with end stage organ failure, and to convince donor's families.

The College expressed its appreciation through supporting this campaign as it continues to create more awareness and service to the people.



DBAP 2015: Technological Innovation in Higher Education-Enhancing

The Business Administration Department, Female branch conducted 'DBAP 2015', Department Of Business Administration Paper Presentation on Theme "Technological Innovation in Higher Education- Enhancing innovation and creativity through Social Media" on Thursday 15th October, 2015 from

12-2:30PM in Room 430.

The main objective behind "DBAP" was to   groom the trainees at JUC to exhibit their thinking, feeling and action plans for the improvement of educational process. The topics of paper presentations were:

1. Innovating and modernizing higher education through social media

2. Role of social media in preparing the 21st century learners

3. Significance of multi-directional online communication networks through social media

There were 9 best papers from various departments for the presentation. The winners for the best paper are as follows:

1st Best Paper   : Ms.  Amal Mutairi

IInd Best Paper : Ms.  Sarah Khaled

IMPRESARIO: Marketing for newer generation"

The Business Administration Department, Female branch, conducted Poster Presentation for Marketing students entitled "IMPRESARIO: Marketing for newer generation" on Thursday 15th October, 2015 from 8 am -12.30 pm in Multipurpose Hall. This was the first initiative from the Department for preparing the students for international poster presentation competitions.

This experiential learning activity stimulated curiosity and interest, encouraged exploration and integration of concepts and attempted to prepare young minds with a novel way to compete with global arena.

There were 36 Posters from different areas of marketing like "New Product Development, Print Advertisement, Sales Trends and International Marketing". There was an overwhelming response from the students and faculty members.



The Business Administration Department, Female branch, conducted Project Presentation for Project Management students entitled "PROJECTS IN ACTIONS" on Wednesday 10th of November 2015 from 9 am - 11 am in Multipurpose Hall.

This was an initiative from the Department for preparing the students for projects planning, scheduling, budgeting and execution. This experiential learning activity stimulated curiosity and interest, encouraged exploration and integration of concepts and attempted to prepare young minds with a novel way to apply their ideas in action and for perspective future careers.

There were 20 Projects in different business areas, JUC enhancement ideas along with community services projects.

For-Profit ProjectsJUC ProjectsCommunity Service

Professional Business Investing


Fresh Salad Vending Machines


Organs Donation Awareness Campaign
SHALKI – Providing variety of Saudi Goods to People Living Abroad

Fingerprints Identification For Students' Attendance


Basserah - Providing menus to visually impaired people by using Braille Language)
Florenca Flower Service

Fitness Center in JUC


Special Needs Service
Piece of Art

Smart Student ID Cards


Special Needs Care Office
House of Fashion TBA (To Be Announced) Awareness Campaign for 937 Service
Deliver – Delivering groceries to JUBAIL residents from different supermarkets JUC Taxi  
Easy Pay Website  

ASH – Selling customized stationaries





Talents in Focus (TiF) 2015
11th November 2015


The Aim of the Event

The Talents in Focus (TiF) is an endeavor to turn students' talents into opportunities.  The program is presented by the Business Administration Department through the Business Club with the aim to foster talents and potentials of students through ten competitive events such as Tech Savvy, The Math Expert, E-Power, Miss CEO, Biz Qiz Viz, Madvertisement, Just a Minute, Globe Trotter, Fortune Hunt and Spell Bee


The program will add value through integrated development of students' talents, which will allow them to play their part in industry and community.  Furthermore, the program will help the students to develop skills that are required by the industry. College days are the best time to articulate and nurture such skills.


The TiF program 2015 progressed from being an interdepartmental competition at JUC to encompass overall students' talents at an intercollegiate level in the region.  This allowed collaborative relationships to be built with other educational institutes such as Dammam University (Community).


TiF 2015 Registration and Awards

To compete in the events, teams must nominate participants who will represent their groups for each contest.Two (2) major awards were given in the event, "The TiF Team of the Year" and "The TiF Student of the Year". "The TiF Student of the Year" was given to the participant who scored the highest number of 'Team Goals', which was acquired whenever she wins in a competitive event. 'Team Goals' for each team were added up at the end of the TiF Fest.  The team with the highest 'Team Goals' was declared "The TiF Team of the Year".

Registered teams were required to have a maximum of five (5) members each and an attractive team name. The following are the participants for TiF 2015:


Out of the boxKholoud Khaleel
Rahaf Dumyati
Maha Naji
Sarah Almhfoudh
Smart InvestorsReem Almusallom
Neamah Alqahtani
Nada Aldossary
One DirectionFatima Almahri
Awatif Balhareth
Roqaia Alyahya
Hawra Almishaal
Middle shelfFatimah  Abubshait
Doha Alawdah
Malak Alahmari
Kaltham Albuainain
Reem Bajodah
Go-gettersSarah Alsekhan
Sara Labbad
Nouf Althumayri
Jawaher Albuzilfah
Alhawra Alshams
Innovators Wejdan Alqahtani
Dowah Alabood
Jumana Alissa
Sahab Alajmi
Dalia Alzahrani

Winner Categories

The TiF Student of the Year was awarded to Ms. Sarah Labbad of Jubail University College.

The TiF Team of the Year was awarded to "Go-Getters" of Jubail University College.