Training Courses

Maintaining a Community Service and Sustainable Development Center is one of the basic goals of any successful higher education institution. Therefore, Jubail University College was keen to activate fruitful communication with the community through the Center for Community Service and Continuing Education, which is the link between Jubail University College and the other official bodies and the community, through which it provides channels of mutual benefits with its audience, including the delivery of a quality training programs that meets the requirements of the development of its community and institutions, thus achieving effective investment in the human resource. It also seeks to spread the culture of knowledge development through organizing seminars and meetings that aims at the enrichment of the members of those institutions. 

In other words, the community service center at Jubail University College offers many short courses, workshops and activities that are directed to the community. Moreover, providing special training programs that are designed to meet the training and development needs of companies and institutions in accordance with contemporary professional standards to build an educated society that realize the concepts and importance of lifelong learning.

Center for Community Service and Continuing Education offers short training courses targeting the age group of 15 years and above for a minor fee compared to the institutes and training centers in the region. In order to achieve the objectives of the Jubail University College, which aims to contribute to the building of a knowledge society, Contribution to the realization of the ambitious vision of the country (2030), the Community Service Center is also organizing free workshops for companies and institutions in the region as a kind of community responsibility. Many workshops have been held in various fields (for men and women) such as English, administration, engineering, design and others. This is in addition to providing training programs for companies and business sectors that are designed according to the needs and tasks of their employees.

In order to draw the general picture of the knowledge earnings provided by the Center for Community Service and Continuing Education, we present to you this handbook, which explains the mechanism of registration in the courses and programs and its management policies.