The Mobile Library Project


​​​ The General Studies Department organized "The Mobile Library Project" that is an extra-curricular activity that started in week 3 and lasted until week 12. This Project was Ms. Nadia Shareef's brainchild and part of the Arabic Courses. The main objective of this project was to encourage reading amongst students specifically and all JUC community generally. It aimed at fulfilling the students' and teachers' penchant for reading, as a means of personal growth and general learning. It was, also, meant to expand the students' access to information and different perspectives on issues of personal, academic, or general interests. The books were carefully selected to suit the cultural and religious principles of our community.

The Mobile Library Project was a great opportunity for the students to volunteer and share their ideas about their readings and interests. This project encouraged their curiosity and inspired them to analyze and reflect on various cultural and public issues in a way that would enhance their knowledge and improve their skills.

The Mobile Library Project took into consideration the needs and demands of the students and staff members. Thus, it included two steps: the first step was to gather information about the desired books' genres, and the second step was the provision of the books depending on the results of the distributed survey. Some of these selected books were donated by like-minded philanthropists. Many books were, also, donated by the students.

The volunteers' team worked hard to make the project a huge success. The team was led by Sarah AlQahtani, a teaching assisting trainee, and included six members: Nora Al Huzaim, Shouq AL Ghamdi, Majda Al Khater, Reem AL Dossary, Dhay Al Shammary, and Rawyah AL Qurashi. The Project ended with a simple ceremony in which all the donors were awarded gifts and letters of appreciation for their contribution to the Mobile Library Project.