Student Activities Closing Ceremony 2016 to 2017


Deputyship of Students Affairs orgnized the annual Closing Cermony of Student Activities for 1437/1438 H on Tuesday 9th of May, 2017. The Ceremony was held in the presence of the College Deputy for JUC female branch, College Deputy for Academic Affairs, College Deputy for Student affairs, faculty and staff members, and JUC students.

The Ceremony started by greeting the audience. Then, the Deputy of Students Affairs expressed her thanks and appreciation for the great efforts by the clubs' supervisors, leaders, and members for this year that resulted achieving successful activities. After that, the Head of the General Committee for Students Activities presented her appreciation and gratitude for all those who supported achieving the Committee's goal. Then, the Student Activities Specialist presented a video summarizing the Committee's achievements throughout 1437/1438 H. Further, the video showed the most outstanding activities and events.

Following, partners of success from the administrative departments, supervisors, and leaders were honored. The Ceremony, also, included announcing the winners of the best club competition, where the (ID Club) occupied the first place, the (Cultural Club) for the second place, and the (Business Administration Club) was the third winner.

After that, the best activity prized went to the (Winter Festival) by the Student Council in the first place, (Hackathon) by CS Club in the second place, and (Poetry Out Load) in the third place. For the Best Club Leader Competition, the student (Yaman Alsaeedi) won the title.

The Ceremony included  announcing the best clubs' members:

  • Rehab Almotairi (Bus Club)
  • Asma Alagal (LD and ID Clubs)
  • Amaja Alateya (ID Club)
  • Reham Alshugaih (CS Club)
  • Razan Alqahtani(Refd Club)
  • Sharifa Alkhalag(Reilgious Club)

In addition, the winners with the Scientific Research Award have been announced, where the student (Mahmoud Al Qerenawi) occupied the second place  and in the third place was occupied by (Huden Almousa). After that, the ideal students were honored, including the ideal student at the bachelor level, who is (Alaa Alquz), and at the preparatory year level, who is (Waad al-Zafairi). The Ceremony ended by  honoring  the students' activities clubs' members of honor for this year.