Soft Skills Required by Employers


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has conducted a lecture to the College students on Tuesday, 21st of February, 2017, in the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH). The lecture was entitled (Soft Skills Required by Employers), presented by two of Saudi experts from the Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma'aden); Engr. Majed ALShanqeeti, Director, ICT-SS Customer Relationships Management, Information & Communication Tech Shared Services, and Mr. Khalid AL Nufaie, Sr. Specialist, HR Planning & Capability Development, Strategic Talent Management.

Mr. Khalid AL Nufaie started the lecture by presenting the importance of soft skills to secure a job, using Ma'aden Company as an example. He explained the multiple skills required in the labor market in addition to the academic and certification qualifications. He listed a number of competencies and skills, such as communication skills and teamwork, cooperation and problem-solving skills, and conflict-resolution skills as well the skills of the ability to make decisions, leadership and self-motivation.

Engr. Majed Al-Shangiti started his presentation by presenting the JUC vision and mission and comparing between the educational outcomes of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering  - as an example -  and the expected  input from the new graduate when joining a company, such as Ma'aden. He explained the techniques of summarizing an educational life journey into a 40- minute-interview and what interviewers are looking for, recommending some tips for preparing a resume to secure an interview and some tips to maximize the "employability", such as the appearance and punctuality and the need to convince employers what you can add to the organization and what makes you different from another candidate for the same job.

The lecture was attended by the College Deputy for Academic Affairs, Dr. Saleh al-Zahrani, Dr. Bashir Ghandi, Chairperson for Computer Science and Engineering – Male Branch, Ms. Tabassum Sultana, Chairperson for Computer Science and Engineering – Female Branch, in addition to a number of faculty members  from both branches and a large number of  male and female students.