ME Freshmen Students Orientation

Mechanical Engineering (ME) Freshman Students Orientation

On September 16, 2014, ME Department, JUC organized a gathering for its Freshman students in the Multipurpose Hall. Large number of students attended the event. The purpose was to inform students about (1) the importance of following ME Degree Plan, (2) paying attention to course pre-requisites, (3) duties of Academic Adviser, (4) career opportunities, and (5) ME co-curricular activities. A question-and-answer session provided students the opportunity to discuss their concerns with ME staff in a socially relaxed manner. Students and staff members afterward had refreshment together. The event is part of the ongoing efforts of ME Department to achieve its strategic goal of improving students’ academic and campus life, and foster better ME students-staff interaction outside the lecture rooms.






ME Freshman Orientation Semesters 361-362

October 27, 2015

Mechanical Engineering freshman student's orientation for the academic year 361-362 was held on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 during Period 3 (9 – 10 AM) at Jubail University College Tent Hall, by Mechanical Engineering Department in association with the Science Club. All freshman students were invited to attend the orientation in order for them to learn about the Mechanical department's activities.

Dr.Ghassan Nayal addressed the freshman students about the Mechanical Engineering Program structure detailing the importance of various core areas of Mechanical Engineering. He highlighted the various career opportunities in Mechanical Engineering and also about the various nearby industries demand for Mechanical Engineers.

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Freshman Orientation for Mechanical Engineering students was conducted on 20th November, 2018 during Period-3 at the Tent Hall of Jubail University College. The main purpose of this annual meeting is to welcome freshman students and inform them about the Mechanical Engineering Degree Plan, Academic Advising and Co-curricular activities. The department also listens to questions, comments and suggestions of students.
The Chairperson of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. Surajudeen Adewusi, gave the opening speech by congratulating the students for their achievements in joining Mechanical Engineering program. He advised the students to focus on their studies in order to graduate on time and they should feel free to contact the department on any issues of concern to them. Dr. Ghassan Nayal briefed the students about the ME Degree Plan and Prerequisites to be taken for the courses. He said that Mechanical engineers are in demand now, and projections for the future suggest a long-term need for professionals in this specialty. Also, he mentioned about some careers which students can take after graduation.
Dr. Maroof Morsheed, the Co-ordinator of Academic Advising for Mechanical Engineering, highlighted about the new rules implemented in the academic advising from this present semester 372. He also introduced the departmental academic advisory committee members to the students. Finally, during the open session students asked various questions regarding the Mechanical Engineering program to which ME faculty members answered to the satisfaction of the students.