Degree Plan

​Program Objectives

 The ID program objectives are to:

  1. Enable graduates to apply their knowledge and skills as effective and productive interior designers in their work place dealing with the enhancement of the quality and functionality of residential, commercial, and other forms of contract space design using creative and safe methods,
  2. Enable graduates to develop practical, technically-sound and cost-effective solutions to interior design tasks,
  3. Develop knowledge and skills required to work effectively in the design profession,
  4. Enhance self-confidence,  ability to make proper decisions, and effective communication, and
  5. Pursue lifelong learning and continuing education.
 Program Outcomes

 On completing this program, students will be able to:

  1. State the underlying concepts of interior design including its theories, processes and techniques.

  2. Apply principles of human factors, ergonomics, anthropometric data, environmental and universal design concepts.

  3. Recognize the technical knowledge of construction materials, building systems and services.

  4. Outline the principles of the lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, and indoor air quality in relation to environmental impact and human wellbeing.

  5. Develop proficiency in the selection & application of color in conveying their design solutions.

  6. Differentiate between various architectural, interior historic styles and eras.

  7. Create design solutions within the parameters of ecological, socio-economical, and cultural contexts with exposure to contemporary issues.

  8. Justify the selection of materials, finishes, furniture and equipment suitable for interior spaces.

  9. Evaluate the safety of the built environment according to standard building codes and regulations that impact the design of interior spaces.

  10. Demonstrate professional, ethical and social responsibility in working effectively in teams and in leadership roles across disciplines.

  11. Show the ability to engage in lifelong learning and professional development.

  12. Demonstrate effective communication skills consistent with the professional environment by using modern tools, programs and techniques in a functional and productive manner.

  13. Produce drawings and models utilizing manual and digital techniques.

 Career Opportunities

 Graduates of this program can pursue career opportunities in a range of fields including:

  1. Residential Interior Design,
  2. Commercial Interior Design,
  3. Hospitality Interior Design,
  4. Industrial/ Corporate Interior Design,
  5. CAD Design,
  6. Lighting Design,
  7. Kitchen and Bath Design, and
  8. Historic Preservation.


Job titles adopted from the Ministry of Labor website:


  1. Interior Design Engineer, 

  2. Teaching Staff,

  3. Teaching Assistant,

  4. Draftsman, Architectural,


Job titles translated from the Ministry of Civil Service website:


  1. Decor Assistant Engineer,
  2. Decor Engineer,
  3. Decor Senior Engineer,
  4. Decor Consultant Engineer,
  5. Decor Supervisor Engineer
  ​ ​ ​ ​ ​First Year, 2nd Semester (1) (Preparatory) ​ ​ ​ ​
Course CodeCourse TitleLec. Lab.CreditPre-req
ENGL 001English I1558-
CS 001Introduction to Information Technology132-
MATH 011Mathematics I404-
GS 021College Study Skills021-
GS 041Health Education I111-
First Year, 2nd Semester (2) (Preparatory) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Course CodeCourse TitleLec. Lab.CreditPre-req
ENGL 002English II1558ENGL 001
CS 002Introduction to Computer Applications132CS 001
MATH 012Mathematics II404MATH 011
SCI 051Physical Sciences132-
Course CodeCourse Title Lab.CreditPre-req


Second Year, 1st Semester (3) (Freshman) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Course codeCourse titleLecLabCreditPre-req.
ID 101Introduction to Interior Design303-
ID 102Foundation of 2-D Design233-
MATH 111Calculus I404MATH 012
SCI 154General Chemistry 334SCI 051
SCI 155Physics for Interior Design233SCI 051
 TOTAL: 514917 


Second Year, 2st Semester (4) (Freshman ) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Course CodeCourse TitleLec. Lab.CreditPre-req
ID 103Art Appreciation303 
ID 104Foundation of Drawing142ID 101
ID 105Interior Design Studio I-Drafting163ID 102
ID 106Graphic Design I303ID 102
ENGL 117English Composition I303ENGL 002
GS 161Arabic Practical Grammar202 
GS 171Belief & its Consequences202 
Third Year, 1st Semester (5) (Sophomore) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Course CodeCourse TitleLec. Lab.CreditPre-req
ENGL 118English Composition II303ENGL 117
ID 207Building Construction303 
ID 208Foundation of 3-D Design142ID 102
ID 209Foundation of Color Design142 
ID 210Human Factors303 
GS 272Professional Ethics202GS 171
BUS 283Industrial Psychology303 
Third Year, 2nd Semester (6) (Sophomore) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Course CodeCourse TitleLec. Lab.CreditPre-req
GS 142Health Education II111GS 041
ID 211Interior Design Studio II183ID 105, ID 208, ID 209
ID 212Concept of Structure303 
ID 213Materials, Resources and Textiles for Interiors223ID 208, ID 209
ID 214History of Interior Architecture I303 
BUS 261Business Communication303ENGL 118
GS 262Arabic Professional Writing202GS 161
Fourth Year, 1st Semester (7) (Junior) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Course CodeCourse TitleLec. Lab.CreditPre-req
ID 315Portfolio Preparation/Presentation202

ID 211,

ID 213

ID 316Interior Design Studio III-Working Drawing183ID 211
ID 317History of Interior Architecture II303ID 214
ID 318Computer Aided Drafting ( CAD ) for Interior142ID 208
ID 319Interior Landscaping303ID 211
GS 363Arabic Communication Skills202GS 262
GS 373Human Rights in Islam202GS 272
Course CodeTotal141217-


Fourth Year, 2nd Semester (8) (Junior) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Course CodeCourse TitleLec. Lab.CreditPre-req
GS 243

Health Education III

( Female )

111GS 142
ID 320Lighting/Acoustics/HVAC303ID 211
ID 321Saudi Arabia: Architectural Heritage223

ID 213,

 ID 317

ID 322Interior Design Studio IV183ID 316
ID 323Techniques and Application of 3-D CAD Modeling143

ID 316,

ID 318

ID XXXElective I13/43ID XXX


Fifth Year, 1st Semester (9) (Senior) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Course CodeCourse TitleLec. Lab.CreditPre-req
ID 424Furniture Design and Interior Treatments223ID 318, ID 320
ID 425Interior Design Studio V – Advanced Design183ID 320, ID 322
ID 426Building Services Integration303ID 207, ID 320
ID 427Advanced Lighting Techniques233ID 316, ID 320
BUS 482Business Principles and Practices 3 03 
ID XXXElective II 2/3 3/03ID XXX
-Total 13/14 16/1318-


Fifth Year, 2st Semester (10) (Senior) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Course CodeCourse TitleLec. Lab.CreditPre-req
ID 491Field Training0406 


Elective Courses ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Course codeCourse TitleLec.Lab.CreditPrerequisites
ID 328Painting133ID 209
ID 329Photography143 
ID 430Graphic Design II233ID 106
ID 431Indoor Plants Design303 
ID 432Contemporary Furniture Design303 
ID 433Safety in Buildings303 


Course Description

 College Requirements

ENGL 001  English I  (15-5-8)                                                    Prerequisite: None

This is an integrated high-beginning level English course including instruction in Reading, Writing, Listening/Speaking and Grammar.  This course is designed to improve students' overall ability in the above-mentioned skills.  Emphasis is given to class activities and practices geared toward the development of comprehension as well as fluency, immersing students in authentic language used in everyday situations and purposes related to work, social life and leisure.

ENGL 002  English II  (15-5-8)                                                     Prerequisite: ENGL 001

This is a continuation of ENGL 001 with an emphasis on a mastery of the materials introduced in English 001, namely in Reading, Writing, Listening/Speaking and Grammar.  This course is designed to enable students to feel comfortable in the use of the English language in the academic community.

MATH 011  Mathematics I  (4-0-4)                                                  Prerequisite: None

This course is mainly a theoretical course. It is designed to provide basic and fundamental knowledge of math concepts that are required in further study courses. The topics include: Real numbers, integral exponents scientific notation, polynomials and their operations, rational functions, radicals, complex numbers, equations and inequalities in one variable, linear & quadratic equations, non-linear inequalities in one variable, linear & quadratic functions and their graphs, synthetic division, fundamental theorem of algebra and graphs of polynomial and rational functions. The students may work on computers using the provided software for enhancement of the different math topics of the course.

MATH 012  Mathematics II  (4-0-4)                                             Prerequisite: MATH 011

This course is mainly a theoretical course. It is designed to build a strong base in algebra and trigonometry that is needed for further courses. The topics include: Exponential and logarithmic functions and their equations, trigonometric functions of any angle, fundamental properties of sine and cosine graphs, trigonometric identities, trigonometric equations and inverse trigonometric functions, systems of linear equations in two and three variables, matrices and determinants, solving linear systems by matrix and determinant methods. The students may work on computers using the provided software for enhancement of the different math topics of the course.

SCI 051   Physical Sciences  (1-3-2)                                                    Prerequisite: None

This course is both theoretical and practical and composed of two major components, chemistry and physics. The former part is designed to provide an introductory knowledge for students in chemistry. The course enables students to learn about the atoms and periodic table, elements of chemistry, mixtures, chemical bonding molecular mixing, acids and bases, oxidation reduction and organic compounds with its related subjects such as drugs and plastics. The practical components of the course include laboratory experience to develop the students' ability in experimentation, observation, measurements and also documentation. The physics part, on the other hand, provides students with sufficient understanding and knowledge in Physics, and develops their physics practical skills to meet the requirement of their respective specializations. The main topics include Mechanics, heat, electricity and magnetism, and waves - sound and light.

ENGL 117  English Composition I  (3-0-3)                                     Prerequisite:ENGL 002 

The course provides pre-composition practice from sentence to paragraph. It also develops basic skills in using the library.

ENGL 118  English Composition II  (3-0-3)                                   Prerequisite:ENGL 117 

A continuation of course ENGL 117. The course provides writing practice from paragraph to essay. It also offers practice in letter and concise writing and handles common errors in mechanics and style.

ID 491 Field Training (0-40-6)                                            Prerequisite: Senior Standing

A continuous period of full semester is spent in a selected work place relating to the field of study. This field internship is intended to provide students with an opportunity to use the knowledge and skills learned in college in an actual work setting.  It is intended to be both practical and theoretical. A final report that summarizes all work performed and results obtained is required at the end of the internship.

ID 495 Senior Project (0-40-6)                                           Prerequisite: Senior Standing

Students who encounter obstacles to be placed in a workplace are directed to do a senior project instead. Each student develops and carries out a project relevant to professional goals. The project generally involves background study or research, planning, implementation, evaluation, and preparation of a written report. A departmental Senior Project Committee must approve all project proposals, and this same committee will receive regular oral and written progress reports. Final results are presented as a paper in a style suitable for publication in a professional journal along with an oral report in a public symposium. To foster the principle of teamwork, students may be allowed to form small groups to execute the projects jointly. Students meet weekly to discuss their projects and the research experience. The project should be viewed as the culmination of the student's degree program.

GS 041  Health Education I  (1-1-1)                                                   Prerequisite: None 

The course aims to introduce female students to health, physical activity and fitness as important components to quality filled life. It discusses the importance and components of a fitness program with its principles and activities. Nutrition/diet programs, body fats and body weight are discussed with their effect on health.

GS 142  Health Education II  (1-1-1)                                               Prerequisite: GS 041

The course introduces female students with the human body's major systems focusing on diseases and illnesses most pertinent to women and resulting in their mortality and disability. The course provides female students with basic training for dealing with non-life-threatening and life-threatening emergencies at home, at work, in the family and elsewhere, and in their rules as mothers, wives, and colleagues. This includes First Aids, and Cardio Pulmonary Resistance (CPR), Types of Infection, community common diseases including hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, and breast cancer.

GS 243  Health Education III  (1-1-1)                                            Prerequisite: GS 142

Examines current and historical influences on women's health throughout the life span. Anthropological, epidemiological, sociological, and political factors relating to specific health issues are presented. In addition to gender, the variables of race and class are examined as they affect women's health.

GS 021  College Study Skills  (0-2-1)                                                Prerequisite: None

This is a preparatory year course aimed at addressing issues facing new students on transferring from the secondary level to a college education. Skills gained during this course include motivation, time management, effective participation and note writing in lectures and preparing for exams.

CS 001  Introduction to Information Technology  (1-3-2)                Prerequisite: None

The students will be introduced to the main areas of Information Technology and the impact of Information Technology on society. Students will also be introduced to the main concepts and operations of a PC as well as key skills in working in a Windows­based environment and word processing. The Students will also be introduced to the general concepts of networks, Internet and intranet.

CS 002  Introduction to Computer Applications  (1-3-2)                Prerequisite: CS 001

This course will provide the students with the necessary IT key skills that will help in the course of their study. They will have hands-on experience in using a productivity tool and acquire some skills in Spreadsheets, Databases and Presentation.

GS 161  Arabic Practical Grammar  (2-0-2)                                        Prerequisite: None

Studying chosen parts of Arabic grammar, verbs, the five verbs, nouns that are subject to desinential infliction with letters, derivatives, abrogatives, indeclinable, numbers, hamzah, in a practical way with numerous applications.

GS 262  Arabic Professional Writing  (2-0-2)                                   Prerequisite: GS 161

Sources and forms of Writing for Professional Needs. Objective essay, reporting, evaluation, administrative messages, summary and scientific research.

GS 363  Arabic Communication Skills  (2-0-2)                                 Prerequisite: GS 262

Aims to develop the student's skills of effective language oral communication through conversational techniques, persuasion, influence, debating, or interviews.

GS 171  Belief and its Consequences  (2-0-2)                                     Prerequisite: None

The roots of the right faith, special characteristics of the Islamic faith, Islamic description of the universe, human beings and life, reasons for increasing the faith.

GS 272  Professional Ethics  (2-0-2)                                                 Prerequisite: GS 171

Good behavior for the integrated Islamic personality, principles of social dealings, professional ethics.

GS 373  Human Rights in Islam  (2-0-2)                                           Prerequisite: GS 272

The dignity of mankind and basic human rights. The Islamic viewpoint of human rights, its distinguishing characteristics, and debates related to this issue.

BUS 261  Business Communication  (3-0-3)                                 Prerequisite: ENGL 118

Principles, techniques, and skills needed to conduct scientific, technical, or business writing. Forms and styles of communication in and among business organizations, business letters, and library research projects and use of business periodicals. Preparation and presentation of oral reports will be covered.  Instruction in the writing of reports, letters, and other exercises applicable to a wide range of disciplines and careers. Emphasis on clarity, conciseness, and accuracy of expression. Research techniques, information design, effective use of graphics. Eventually students will produce a properly formatted report, complete with outline and supporting graphic aids.

BUS 283  Industrial Psychology          (3-0-3)                                     Prerequisite: None

This course is designed to enable the student to understand the fundamentals of human relations, workplace interactions, the forces involved in group dynamics, the importance of psychological testing, counseling and guidance, and interviewing techniques.


Mathematics, Sciences and Business

MATH 111  Calculus I    (4-0-4)                                                   Prerequisite: MATH 012

Limits and continuity of functions of a single variable. Differentiability. Techniques of differentiation. Implicit differentiation. Local extrema, first and second derivative tests for local extrema. Concavity and inflection points. Curve sketching. Applied extrema problems. The Mean Value Theorem and applications.

SCI 154  General Chemistry      (3-3-4)                                          Prerequisite: SCI 051

Chemical bonding, stoichiometry of pure substances, reactions, state of matter (gases, liquids, and solids), mixtures (with emphasis on some physical aspects of solutions), thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, acids, bases and electrochemistry.

SCI 155  Physics for Interior Design (2-3-3)                                Pre-Requisite SCI 051

Particle kinematics and dynamics, conservation of energy and linear momentum, temperature, first and second law of thermodynamics, simple harmonic motion, wave motion and sound, structure of matter, electromagnetic waves, images, interference and diffraction.

BUS 482  Business Principles and Practices (3-0-3)                          Prerequisite: None

This class deals with common situations associated with Interior design practice such as business and office practice, estimates and contract preparation, professional ethics, marketing, public relations and hiring skills.


Interior Design

ID 101  Introduction to Interior Design (3-0-3)                                 Prerequisite: None

This course provides an overview of the interior design profession and its relationship to allied fields. Students become familiar with contemporary issues and approaches to include space planning, furnishing and material selection in a historical context.

ID 102  Foundation of 2-D Design (2-3-3)                                          Prerequisite: None

This is a basic course in the fundamentals of form and design. It Includes theory and practice of two-dimensional design incorporating concepts and terminology related to point, line, shape, value, texture positive-negative space, size and scale.

ID 103  Art Appreciation (3-0-3)                                                         Prerequisite: None

This survey course traces the development of art from the Stone Age to the present day. Art techniques through the ages to show students the methods used. Arts in Time cover historical, social and political developments of art.

ID 104  Foundation of Drawing (1-4-2)                                             Prerequisite: ID 101

In this course, students will explore fundamentals of drawing. Acquiring skills through exercises in sketching, rendering, perspective and tonal compositions. Pencil and pen and ink will be media used.

ID 105  Interior Design Studio I - Drafting (1-6-3)                            Prerequisite: None

This course provides drafting and print reading experiences designed to meet the professional needs of students concentrating in Interior design. Perspective, orthographic projections, measurements and presentation of architectural drawing will be covered.

ID 106  Graphic Design I (3-0-3)                                                      Prerequisite: ID 102

This course focuses on graphic design issues for signage, print media and design displays. Trademarks, type, layout, grid systems, advertising, corporate identity for designers and display and exhibition projects will be suggested.

ID 207  Building Construction (3-0-3)                                               Prerequisite: None

This course covers the basics of structural design and building construction relevant to interior design. Students develop and understanding of building materials, and their function as structural elements. Building products, codes and safety applications will be covered.

ID 208  Foundation of 3-D Design (1-4-2)                                         Prerequisite: None

This is an introduction to the concepts and processes of 3 Dimensional Design. This course investigates form, space and volumetric organization. Definition of space through line, manipulation of mass, volume and void and the use of structural systems will be applied.

ID 209  Foundation of Color Design (1-4-2)                                       Prerequisite: None

This is a basic course in the fundamentals of color and design. Exercises will include detailed study of color wheels, color theory and application of color principles.

ID 210  Human Factors (3-0-3)                                                            Prerequisite: None

This course analyzes space and behavior within a cultural context. Students examine the theoretical foundations and concepts from environmental and human behavior as applied to design and design process.

ID 211  Interior Design Studio II  (1-8-3)                         Prerequisites: ID 208, ID 209

Class will focus on the practice of problem solving related to functional issues of residential design. Emphasis will be placed on environmental factors, orientation, design theory, space planning, lighting, fabrics and furnishings. A project developing conceptual phases to finished design will be presented.

ID 212  Concept of Structure (3-0-3)                                                   Prerequisite: None

The concept of structure design, major elements in constructions, types of supports and construction materials.

ID 213  Materials, Resources and Textiles for Interiors (2-2-3)    Prerequisites: ID 208, ID 209

Students will study the principles used in the selection of appropriate materials, resources and textiles used for Interior design presentations.

ID 214  History of Interior Architecture I (3-0-3)                               Prerequisite: None

This course covers historical developments of interior architecture and decorative arts within a social, cultural, economic, political and technological context. Part 1 covers ancient time through the 18th century. Emphasis focuses on Western European and Islamic countries.

ID 315  Portfolio Preparation/ Presentation (2-0-2)         Prerequisites: ID 211, ID 213

This course is designed to assist students in developing a high standard of professional portfolio-ready work refined into a visual presentation accompanied by oral communication skills.

ID 316  Interior Design Studio III - Working Drawings (1-8-3)        Prerequisite: None

This course focuses on technical aspects of interior design focusing on construction techniques, building systems, and finishes.

ID 317  History of Interior Architecture II (3-0-3)                          Prerequisite: ID 214

This course covers design theory and practice in Europe and the United States from the mid 19th Century to the Modern Movement. Students will study technological advances, products and methods and historical perspectives in the context of interior architecture, furniture, design philosophies.

ID 318  Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) for Interior Designers (1-4-2)  
Prerequisite: ID 208

This course is an introduction to computer aided design for interior designers. Overview of construction drawing formats and principles while learning to develop plans, elevations and sections.

ID 319  Interior Landscaping (3-0-3)                                               Prerequisite: ID 211

This course is a general overview of the history and theory of landscape architecture. Students will be introduced to the process of planning environmental interiorscapes from program formulation to implementation. The synthesis of environmental factors and social concerns shaping the domestic issues in Saudi Arabia will be included.

ID 320  Lighting/Acoustics/HVAC (3-0-3)                                       Prerequisite: ID 211

This course looks at the role of illumination, methods and lighting and mechanical systems in the design of interior space. Emphasis is placed on color and light, illumination aesthetics, human behavior response to light

ID 321  Saudi Arabia: Architectural Heritage (2-2-3)       Prerequisites: ID 213, ID 317

This course covers interior architecture and decorative arts within a cultural context of architecture and urban planning within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ancient times through the 20th Century will be illustrated.

ID 322  Interior Design Studio IV (1-8-3)                                           Prerequisite: None

Research, design analysis and problem solving are applied to multi-functional use projects to include residential and hospitality space. Functional and aesthetic problems will be addressed with an emphasis on presentation techniques.

ID 323  Techniques and Application of 3-D CAD Modeling and Graphics (1-4-3)
 Prerequisites: ID 316, ID 318

In this course, students will develop computer design techniques utilizing three dimensional computer modeling, graphics, animation, virtual reality to add dimension to design projects.

ID 424  Furniture Design and Interior Treatments (2-2-3)            Prerequisites: ID 318, ID 320

Study and design and fabrication of custom furniture for interior spaces will be covered. Familiarity with materials, joinery and mill work along with cost estimating, specifications and workroom process for casework.

ID 425  Interior Design Studio V - Advanced Design (1-8-3)         Prerequisites: ID 320, ID 322

This course introduces students to complex building types, to include public and residential design problems. Issues related to client needs and synthesis in terms of design, functionality, value and safety will be addressed.

ID 426  Building Services Integration (3-0-3)                   Prerequisites: ID 207, ID 320

This course introduces students to structural systems (skeleton, pre-cast, load bearing) mechanical systems (elevators, HVAC, sanitation) Electrical systems (lighting, acoustics, power) in addition to safety and fire protection systems. Students will assess the best approaches to systems and services integration that correspond to user need and economic feasibility. Application of system integration methods in realistic situations, translated in the studio as well as in professional practice is stressed.

ID 427  Advanced Lighting Techniques (2-3-3)                 Prerequisites: ID 316, ID 320

This advanced lighting techniques course explores lighting conditions in local built spaces and analyzes functionality and effectiveness. Design and build of light fixtures are included.



ID 328  Painting (1-3-3)                                                                  Prerequisite: ID 209

This class introduces students to techniques, materials and applications used in painting. Rendering interior space, traditional painting methods and contemporary approaches will be explored.

ID 329  Photography (1-4-3)                                                              Prerequisite: None

This course is designed for Interior Design majors. It covers the fundamentals of photographic image making, aesthetics, and history. Instruction in camera use, darkroom techniques, composition, lighting and design elements will be emphasized

ID 430  Graphic Design II (2-3-3)                                                    Prerequisite: ID 106

This course integrates advanced skills in graphic design theory and practice to include digital manipulation of photography, surface design and printmaking techniques will be covered.

ID 431  Indoor Plants Design (3-0-3)                                                  Prerequisite: None

Elements of coordinating and planning locations for indoor plants for achieving optimum compatibility with the interior design and architecture.

ID 432  Contemporary Furniture Design (3-0-3)                Prerequisite: Senior Standing

Design and construct original real sized functional model of interior furniture with emphasis on its final design and details of construction.

ID 433  Safety in Buildings (3-0-3)                                                      Prerequisite: None

Study of fire types in constructions, human response to fire, fire safety and extinguishing equipment, fire preventing design and standards.