Activities & Announcements

Activities held in the academic year 2019/2020 (401-402)

December 2019
Activity tilted: Dream in Space
Purpose/Explanation:  ID club held a competition for students to solve design problems by applying principles and concept that they studies in their previous years.
Event host: Ms. Roaa Alshehri

January 2020

Workshop titled: High raised building
Purpose/Explanation: Cooperation between the college and a middle high school to conduct a workshop for middle high school students, explaining what are high-rise buildings and the systems that connect the building.
Presenter: Dr. Hebatallah Hamdy

February 2020
Workshop titled: Generative design workshop
Purpose/Explanation:  Interior Design department invited JUC alumni to discuss about how to apply artificial intelligent and technology to solve design problems.
Presenter: Arch. Fatima Almathal


Workshop titled: Designing a Cafe
Purpose/Explanation:  Interior Design Club invited JUC alumni to share her experience in designing one of most popular cafes
Presenter: interior designer. Lama Jaradeh



Online Workshop titled :E-learning time management and self-motivation workshop
Purpose/Explanation: Advising students with the proper ways  of time management and how students find motivation during their studies at the start of the pandemic
Presenter: Ms.Sadeem Aljibreen







May, 2020

Interior design consultation
Interior /architecture design consultations were given by ID department to improve residential plans
Team Members:
Dr. Aljawhara Alnasser
Dr. Asmaa Elantari
Ms. Hanan Alqahtani
Ms. Thara'a Almindeel
Ms. Hana'a Almaktoom
Ms. Aishah Aldhaferi
Ms. Soha Alessa
Ms.Roaa Alshehri
Ms.Ruaa Alabedi

Online Workshop titled: Graphic design trends, discover and develop
Purpose/Explanation :Expand the designers knowledge of the new trends of graphic design.
Presenter: Ms. Rawan Alghamdi


Online Workshop titled :Buildings that changed the history of interior design
Purpose/Explanation : Introduce students to historical building in various eras. How revolution movement changed and affect the design industry.
presenter: Ms. Rahaf Alharbi


Online Workshop titled: Safety in buildings
Purpose/Explanation : Increase the awareness of the safety standards inside the buildings and spotlight the important aspects to be taken in buildings design and practices.
Presenter: Dr. Asma Elantari

Online Workshop titled: Introduction to Islamic art
Purpose/Explanation: Introducing the principles of Islamic Aesthetics, and Explaining the types of Islamic Art.
Presenter: Ms. Amjad Alfawaz


Online Workshop titled: Designer, and work etiquette
ID department Invited Arch. Shahad Alshiddi to host an online workshop to give tips and advice students in field training and interior design work environment.




Interior design magazine-Third Edition
Interior design magazine was published to the public to highlight best work done by students in all courses.
Team member:
Ms. Samah Jamaan

Ms. Hanan Alqahtani


July 2020

Online Workshop titled: Advance 3D Max course
Purpose/Explanation: Improve students 3D visualization using V-Ray in 3D Max.
Presenter: Ms. Ruaa Alabedi



Online Workshop titled: students advisory meeting.
Purpose/Explanation: advising  students to take the right courses according to their degree plan in the beginning of the semester.
Presenter: Ms.Sadeem Aljibreen

End of the year Virtual gallery
ID department has conducted the interior design virtual gallery to present best of student work through the academic year 2019-2020

Team member:

Dr. Aljawharah Alnasser

Ms.Bashayer Alfehaed
Ms.Aisha Aldhaferi
Ms.Sadeem Aljibreen
Ms.Roaa Alshehri
Ms.Ruaa Alabedi
Ms.Rahaf Alhatbi



October 2020

Online Workshop titled: Sustainability effect on human behavior
Purpose/Explanation: Effects on human behaviour and how human accept sustainable change in their daily life
Presenter: Ms. Roaa Alshehri