Message From Chairperson

I extend my cordial welcome to all students who are joining the General Studies Department to follow courses. I wish you a very successful and rewarding time during your stay here at Jubail University College.

Welcome too, to new members of staff who joined the department recently. General Studies Department’s aim is to create a motivating environment in which students can reach their maximum potential following a variety of courses offer in the department. General Studies Department is the backbone for the major courses you are intending to follow and thus lays the foundation for the future direction your choice.

The department in addition to providing learners with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to cope with their specializations also conducts many supporting courses for various specialization departments at Jubail University College. These include Engineering, Business Studies, Management and Information systems, Computer Science and Engineering streams.

Finally, whether you are a coming to the University for the first time as a new student or returning student, we wish you all a successful new academic year. The General Studies Department will continue to improve and develop new teaching methods to reach the heights of teaching excellence.

It is a privilege to start the academic year with highly motivated and dedicated faculty who are prepared to go the extra mile in order to achieve the aims that are required from the noble profession of teaching.

Dr. Muhammad Shakeel 

Chairperson - General Studies Department
Jubail University College
P.O. Box 10074
Jubail Industrial City 31961
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Office: 138/142
Phone: + 966 (0) 3429000-6975
Fax: + 966 (0 )3429000-1063