Goals and Objectives


The goals of the Department of General Studies are:

  1. To ensure that increasing proportions of General studies courses are available on a flexible basis, adopting blended learning to other departments and local companies where appropriate.
  2. To lead students to develop an excellent grasp of the fundamental concepts in their principal areas of study.

  3. To lay a foundation for life-long renewal of knowledge for the students.

  4. Through its core courses the department provides a sound scientific and mathematical foundation for the college's specialized programs.

  5. To offer core courses in humanities and social sciences which add value to the student's life and the society.

  6. To develop and deliver the graduate programs in Science and Mathematics


The objectives of the Department of General Studies are:

  1. To provide the learners with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to cope efficiently with their specializa​tions.

  2. To develop an active research culture in the department to keep the lecturers up to date with current developments in their areas of interest and promote an academic and studious environment.
  3. To offer specialty training courses for local com​​panies by assisting working professionals and improving academic and technical knowledge of their trainees.

  4. To develop fitness techniques, healthy practices and mo​ral behavior that is relevant of student`s well being.

  5. To award academic degrees through promoting the de​partment into a faculty of science in which the academic staff are knowledgeable and take pride in the quality of their teaching.