Activities and Announcements

Student Project Exhibition on November 25-26, 2015

The student project exhibition was organized by JUC in semester 361. The objective is to showcase the students' innovative ideas, products, designs and creativity. The Department presented different projects during the event with main topic "recycling" different subject work together as homogenous team. One group of GS students were awarded 4th place. The winners presented a project titled Electronic Motor.

Workshop on November 29, 2015

  "Understanding Stress" Al-Moattasem International School, Al Jubail. Attended by Faculty and Staff of the School.

Workshop on January 18, 2016

  "Understanding Stress" attended by all faculty members in JUC in different departments.

Workshop on February 7, 2016

Workshop for Seventh Scientific Conference (How to prepare poster)

Workshop on February 10, 2016

Workshop on Seventh Scientific Conference (Innovations & inventions)

Workshop on February 14, 2016

Workshop on Seventh Scientific Conference (How to prepare yourself for presentation).

Seminar about last National Commission for Academic Accreditation Assessment NCAAA on February 23, 2016  "Course Specification"


Seminar about last NCAAA on March 9, 2016 "Course Report Writing".


2nd GS Symposium "Share the Vision "on May 30, 2016

Talk Titles:

"A note on series solution of SIR model with demography"

 "The Language is Identity"  

 "Metal Organic framework for Carbon-dioxide Capture"

 "Money isn't all you are saving for a better future"

 "Time Management"

"Nurturing Creative Learning in Students"

 "The Third Alternative"

"Welcoming Ramadan"