Sabic Program

SABIC English Corporate Training Program (at JUC)

In keeping with its commitment to serving the wider community, JUC delivers specialised English courses in partnership with Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC).  JUC provides 5 levels of specialised study catering for students from beginner to advanced levels utilisng some of the latest Oxford and Cambridge ESL publications.  The aim of these courses is to raise the general level of English among SABIC employees in accordance with the company's objectives to promote English as a medium of communication for the benefit of both its locally based employees and its global influence.  In particular, JUC seeks to improve and enhance the English language competencies of SABIC employees by elevating the productive and receptive skills of all SABIC employees.  Speaking, listening, reading, and communication skills are developed by a systematic step by step curriculum underpinned by attention to grammatical accuracy.  Students learn to express themselves in an interactive and lively classroom environment manned by specialised and experienced English instructors employing a variety of task based, pair and group work activities carefully chosen with the aim of improving quality language acquisition and fluency.  Ultimately, students will utilise this experience and learning in their various fields of work to make them more effective SABIC employees.

Course Title:
English for SABIC Employees
No of Hours: Each level is scheduled for 180 hours (30 hours per week X6)
Level:Levels 1,2,3,4,5
Prerequisites :The previous level (except level1)


At JUC in the SABIC Training Area

Instruction Mode:

Classroom instruction with a blend of pair and group work activities to encourage task based learning opportunities in an interactive learning environment.


Progress Test 1 (20%)  Progress Test 2 (20%)

Final test (50%) Class Participation (10%)

Program Objectives:

The aim of these English courses is to raise the general standard of English competencies of SABIC employees.  More specifically, the program aims to improve and enhance English language competencies to build students' productive and receptive abilities by helping them to develop (principally) speaking, listening, reading underpinned by grammatical accuracy.

Levels and Teaching Materials

Level 1Oxford New Headway Plus
Level 2Oxford New Headway Elementary
Level 3Cambridge Objective PET (Preliminary English Test)
Level 4Progress to Vantage – Developing Business Skills at Intermediate Level (Heinle Publishing)
Level 5Cambridge BEC Vantage (Upper Intermediate/Advanced English)