Message From Chairperson

Students in the Male Branch PYP spend 20 hours a week working on an intensive English language program.  We use Q-Skills series (Oxford University Press).  Students complete up to level 3 of the series in the PYP. These works include reading and writing as well as listening and speaking.  Grammar is taught concurrently, and the Q-Skills series is complimented by National Geographic's 'Reading Explorer'.

In the first year of their specialization programs, students are taught two semesters of English composition writing.  Composition I uses Effective Academic Writing, by Oxford University Press, and Composition II uses Academic Writing: A Handbook for International Students (Routledge). These courses develop students' abilities to write longer pieces of work of various styles, and the courses culminate in each student producing research papers of undergraduate quality and of commensurate length.  These skills are essential for further studies in engineering, computer science and management, which are the primary academic disciplines offered by the university's male branch. 

The ELD (male branch) also offers courses to Saudi corporations and to members of the general public.  At present we offer language development courses to employees of Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), and we are a TOEFL testing centre.  Currently, there is a proposed initiative to offer TOEFL and IELTS preparation courses to enhance JUC's community commitment.

In addition, the ELD has an active English Club, which has exciting events and competitions as a way of enhancing students' English proficiency.  Past competitions have included essay writing, spelling, and speaking.  Outings have included desert excursions and sea trips.

Traditionally, students graduating from JUC have been hired by international corporations in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Since most of these companies require a high level of communicative competence in English, successful JUC graduates have proven themselves to be in high demand. 

The department welcomes enquiries from prospective students and faculty.

Dr. Kevin Goddard

Chairperson - English Language Department       
Jubail University College
Royal Commission - Jubail
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Jubail Industrial City 31961
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia       
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