Message From Male Chairperson


I am delighted to welcome you to the website of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CS&E) at the Jubail University College (JUC).  On our website, we try to give you an insight into the Computer Science (CS) program, which is presently the only program we offer, hopping to introduce other related programs such as Computer Engineering and/or Software Engineering in the near future.

The CS program is designed to meet both national and international standards. Its objective is to produce highly skilled professionals in the Computer Science field that satisfy the needs of both the industry and the public sector and at the same time enables its graduates to pursue high degrees in the subject at any national or international university.

Computer Science is a fascinating field that is now indispensable in​ our lives. Almost every aspect of modern life involves computing - from mobile phones, cars, industrial plants and TVs, to gaming, security, banking and medicine.  Every organisation's payroll, customer records and finances are held electronically, sometimes containing millions of records.  The Internet has also tremendously widen the horizon by connecting computing devises together, thus enabling such everyday things as social networking, cloud computing, e-commerce, etc.

The design, coding, and testing of computing systems is a complex task - and one needing a highly trained workforce. By studying Computer Science at JUC, you will get both an understanding of the wonderful subject that is Computer Science, and also equip yourself with the skills to have a great career ahead of you.

I hope that you find the information on our website useful and that it encourages you to apply to study Computer Science here at JUC.  As y​ou embark upon your College career, we in the CS&E department would like to wish you all the best in your future studies. 

Dr. Bashir Mohammed Ghandi

Chairperson, Computer Science & Engineering Department
Jubail University College
P.O. Box 10074
Jubail Industrial City 31961
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ​​