Message From Chairperson

I am delighted to invite prospective students to investigate the wealth of programs we offer. The department of Computer Science & Engineering has the duty to produce educated leaders of the profession. CSE places emphasis on the interaction of teaching and experiments, ensuring that teaching is kept tuned with current thinking and that students develop a critical and inquiring approach broadening their professional perspective.

Computer Science and Engineering is one of the most important disciplines that can help to accelerate society's transformation into IT-based, knowledge-driven economies. The urgent need to transform the social economy has created ample opportunities and challenges, in particular, how to collaborate, and at the same time compete with, IT talent from other parts of the world; how to take advantage of globalization and its effects; how to quickly access and utilize the information that is gathered from the Internet; and how to create new knowledge and services for our society to become more productive. More importantly, there is a need to build upon fundamental knowledge to create new theories, systems, and services for the improvement of the quality of human life and meet the challenges of tomorrow. As educators, we believe the most effective way to address the issues above is to offer high-quality education, and to stimulate the minds of our students. We hope you like what you see, and that you will contact us with any questions or comments that you may have.

Dr. Bashir Mohammed Ghandi 

Chairperson, Computer Science & Engineering Department
Jubail University College
P.O. Box 10074
Jubail Industrial City 31961
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
TEL: +996 (3) 3429000 (Ext. 6985)