Goals and Objectives

​Our Goals

The goals of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering are:

  • To instill in students appreciation of learning and the need to remain abreast of changing technology throughout their career.
  • To create an awareness of the persistent concepts in computing and their realization in current platforms and tools.
  • To serve the educational needs of the community through cooperative effort with government, business and organizations via continuing education programs.
Our Objectives

The objectives of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering are:

  • To acquaint students with the require knowledge and training in the field of computer science.
  • To prepare students for entry-level hardware and software problem-solving abilities.
  • To prepare graduates to be able to demonstrate proficiency in the use of various programming languages, knowledge of application software and operating systems
  • To provide students with cutting-edge technology coupled with hands-on training to help them find professional career in computing.
  • To prepare students for graduate school

Recent Department offerings:

Bachelor of Computer Science that focuses on the theory and practice of computing technologies.

Future Department Offerings:

  1. Certificate of SAP program.
  2. Certificate of Cisco program.
  3. Certificate of ICDL program.
  4. Certificate of VB.NET Technology.
  5. Certificate of JAVA programming.
  6. Certificate of Database Technology.
  7. Certificate of Unix/Linux OS and Administration.
  8. A Bachelor of Information Systems.
  9. A Bachelor of Information Technology.
  10. A Bachelor of Computer Engineering.
  11. Master of Computer Science.

Department Facilities:

1. MS-Office Applications Workshop.

2. JAVA programming Workshop.

3. Laboratory of Programming Languages.