Structural Mechanics Lab

​Introduction to Laboratory

Structural Mechanics Laboratory contributes mainly  teaching activities and Design Project (DP) activities in the Civil Engineering Department. It provides support in a wide range of specialized areas of structural mechanics, stability analysis and testing of structural dynamics to the students.

This includes: determination of Forces Acting on Pulleys and Block and Tackle Units, determination of creep rupture behavior of materials verification of Hooke's law, sliding and Rolling Friction, Single Stage spur gear transmission, Deflection of a straight beams, Determination of bar forces of a crane jib, Determination of forces in a basic Roof Truss, Friction on an Inclined Plane, Torsion of Bars, Shearing Force and Bending moment Apparatus, Static force experiments.

Course supported includes:

CE 204, CE 201, CE 209, CE 312, CE 422

Lab. Coordinator

Mr. Syed Khaleeq Ahmad​​

Senior Lecturer

Location: Building I, Office #415