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On behalf of faculty, staff and students, I wish to welcome you to the Civil Engineering homepage containing all the necessary information about our Civil Engineering program. I strongly believe that a quality public education system is paramount to a healthy society. At JUC, Civil Engineering department there is already much that we should take pride in and we will build upon our progress with strategies that further the successes of our dear students.

At the Civil Engineering department, our students learning and development remain our priority In this term, we work hard to archieve this main goal. Our mission, vision, goals and objective statements provide a strong foundation that guides our daily actions and decisions. Flowing from these core beliefs is our commitment to sound education, inclusion and creativity and innovation. We also believe that, whatever we do, we are accountable to the stakeholders we serve.

The inclusion of our students' voices, the commitment of all of our staff members, and strong partnerships within our community are all important factors that influence our strive to continuously improve our program. It is a very exciting time in public education, and we are engaged in a number of activities that will continue our pursuit of students' excellence.

The last but not the least, should you have any suggestions, comments, contributions and even constructive criticism, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your inputs are valuable in achieving our mission, vision and objective statements.

Dr. Yasir Salih Ahmed Ali​


Location: Building I, Office #415

Tel #: +966133429000

Ext.: 6995