Goals and Objectives


  1. Produce high quality Civil Engineering graduates

  2. Encourage scientific research with partnership and collaboration

  3. Achieve sustainable improved growth of academic performance

  4. Contribute to the society to fulfil the needs of local communities


The objectives of Civil Engineering Department are:

  1. Graduates will be prepared with a proficiency in mathematics, sciences, and technical skills needed to analyze and design civil engineering systems.
  2. Graduates  should be able to work in multidisciplinary teams
  3. Increase the number of published scientific papers and/or scientific reports in national and international journals.
  4. Develop the research facilities and   encourage local and global collaboration in the field of scientific research.
  5. Improve department facilities/resources to achieve the best academic quality and standards.
  6. Sustain improved quality assurance systems to monitor academic and administrative standards of the department
  7. Graduates will be familiar with current and emerging civil engineering and global issues, and have an understanding of ethical and societal responsibilities.
  8. Increase participation in community service activities (field visits, presentations, and educational brochures) to establish ties with the local community.

Current Department Offerings

  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Possible Future Offerings

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Aided Structural Engineering

Special short term courses offered by department for community services:

  • Structural Engineering For Non Structural Engineer

  • Technical Report Writing

  • Supervision skills for Engineers and Supervisors

  • AutoCAD software

Department Facilities

The teaching and learning in the department are going to be supported with computer softwares and well equipped laboratories given below.

  1. Water Resources Engineering Lab

  2. Structural Mechanics Lab

  3. Structural Materials Lab

  4. Geotechnical Engineering Lab

  5. Environmental Engineering Lab

  6. Transportation Engineering Lab

  7. Surveying Lab