Message From Chairperson

Welcome to the Business Administration Department of Jubail University College. This is a place where innovative knowledge meets with excellent teaching methods. The department offers programs that are designed to meet current and future market demands. We have highly educated and experienced faculty members that regularly monitor the knowledge we deliver to our students and advise the department on how to make our courses more suitable to the future employability of our students.

Teaching in this department is supported with cutting-edge technology including in-class and online systems that enable students receive knowledge in the most fitting manners. Various departmental committees strive to support students in their academic needs. These include: Advisory committee, SIS coordinator, Quality Committee, Examination Committees and others. 

The department wishes you an enjoyable learning experience and brighter future. 

Abdulqadir Diriye

Chairperson, Business Administration Department,                                                     

Tel: +966 13 3429 6980
Jubail University College
PO. Box 10074
Jubail Industrial City 31961
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia