Degree Plan

​Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Department :  Business Administration

Major          :  Accounting

College Requirements :      125 CR. Hours

1     Compulsory Courses  116 CR. Hours

YR SEMCourse CodeCourse TitleCrd HrsCont HrsLec.LabPrerequisite
11BUS 101Principles of Management3330 
11BUS 151Microeconomics3330 
11ENGL 117English Composition I3330 
11GS 171Belief & its Consequences2220 
11MATH 113Math for Management I3330 
11MIS 102Principles of MIS3330 
12ACCT 121Introduction to Financial Accounting I3523MATH 113
12BUS 152Macroeconomics3330BUS 151
12ENGL 118English Composition II3330ENGL 117
12GS 161Arabic Practical Grammar2220 
12MATH 117Statistical Methods for Management I3523MATH 113
12MIS 101Computer Applications3422 
21ACCT 222Introduction to Financial Accounting II3523ACCT 121
21BUS 231Principles of Marketing3330BUS 101, BUS 152
21BUS 241Operations Management3330MATH 117
21BUS 261Business Communication3330ENGL 118
21GS 272Professional Ethics2220GS 171
21MATH 118Statistical Method for Management II3523MATH 117
22ACCT 224Cost Accounting3330ACCT 222
22ACCT 303Intermediate Accounting I3330ACCT 222
22BUS 223Financial Management3330ACCT 222, BUS 152
22BUS 305Legal Environment3330 
22BUS 321Business Research Methods3330BUS 101, MATH 118
22GS 142Health Education II1211 
22GS 262Arabic Professional Writing2220GS 161
31ACCT 311Accounting Information System3422ACCT 303
31ACCT 313Intermediate Accounting II3330ACCT 303
31ACCT 428Managerial Accounting3330ACCT 222
31BUS 313Organizational Behavior and Design3330BUS 101
31BUS 411Strategic Management3330BUS 223, BUS 231
31GS 363Arabic Communication Skills2220GS 262
32ACCT 429Financial Statement Analysis3422ACCT 313
32ACCT 434Corporate Financial Reporting3330ACCT 313
32ACCT 444Advanced Accounting3330ACCT 313
32GS 243Health Education III 1211GS 142
32GS 373Human Rights in Islam2220GS 272
41ACCT 417Islamic Financial Jurisprudence3330BUS 305
41ACCT 443Zakat and Business Tax Accounting3330ACCT 313, BUS 305
41ACCT 457Auditing3330ACCT 313, ACCT 429
41BUS 431Project Feasibility Analysis3330BUS 223, BUS 231
42ACCT 493Field Training640040 

2          Elective Courses         9 CR. Hours

YR SEMCourse CodeCourse TitleCrd HrsCont HrsLec.LabPrerequisite
32ACCT 304International Accounting3330ACCT 303
32ACCT 305Accounting for Governmental and Non-Profi3330ACCT 428
32BUS 333Buyer Behavior3330BUS 231
41ACCT 402Accounting in Specialized Institutions3330ACCT 313
41ACCT 405Accounting Theory & Research3330ACCT 303
41ACCT 406Internal Auditing3330ACCT 428
41ACCT 411Cost Management and Cost Control3330ACCT 428