Planning & Academic Development

 Organizational Directory of
Deputyship for Planning and Development

To lead and innovate the planning, development and quality management processes which enable the College to compete locally and regionally.


​P romoting quality assurance and continuous improvement culture and practices in academic and administrative fields in compliance with accreditation requirements through development of policies, procedures, plans and programs.

General Objectives

1. Achieve Total Quality in academic and administrative processes.
2. Contribute in making strategic and developmental plans for the College.
3. Continuous development and evaluation of curriculum and academic programs.
4. Continuous development of performance and improve systems and mechanisms.
5. Encourage scientific research and conduct applied studies.
6. Diversification and updating the learning techniques sources.
7. Enhance communication with internal and external community.
8. Provide opportunities for continuing education and career development.


Hierarchal Structure of 
Deputyship for Planning and Development