Community Service & Continuing Education

​Duties of the Community Service And Continued Education Department:
  1. Build collaboration between college and the community through various activities.
  2. Organize visits of delegations to and from college.
  3. Help in recognition in the media and strengthening partnerships.
  4. Acquaint others with college outcomes and its potencies in education, research and consultation.
  5. Provide training opportunities for students in field training and follow-up with them.
  6. Encourage faculty and students to take advantage of events hold such as conferences and forums and benefit from them.
  7. Help in recruit graduates and follow-up with them in the workplace after graduation.
  8. Organize training programs held by the college for companies and institutions.
  9. Responsible for public relations and hospitality.
  10. Represent the college externally in media, conferences and meetings.
  11. Coordinate with companies to form advisory committees.
  12. Organize meetings, conferences and celebrations of all kinds.
  13. Communicate with the media and informing about advertisements.
Duties of the Learning Resources Center:
  1. Provide sources that assist the learning process and scientific research development.
  2. Develop self-study skills, provide appropriate resources, and encourage the students to use them.
  3. Attract qualified manpower to provide all services.
  4. Identify and secure the library needs by selecting books and periodical magazines and newspapers, providing references, and subscribing to periodicals and databases.
  5. Provide all means of safety and security according to the approval specifications regarding the Learning Resources Center.
  6. Prepare necessary indexes for all available learning resources in the center and continue to maintain, add, and modify them in addition to the lending and restoring service.
  7. Set written rules and regulations for all services offered for beneficiaries.
  8. Make annual inventory process and record that.
  9. Guide and direct the center's guests and introduce the available services.
  10. Set written rules and regulations for updating references.
  11. Help and train both students and faculty members in using information sources.
  12. Conduct a statistical research about the work flow and achievements.
  13. Create a list of the imported and exported orders.
  14. Update the electronic library and take advantage of it.
  15. Apply the rules and regulations of the Learning Resources Center.