Goals and Objectives


  1. To select and acquire library resources in line with the acade​mic curriculum of the university and to provide a variety of materials on va​​ried subjects and interests of library patrons. Such materials include: books, non-book materials and online databases.

  2. To organize the resources through such proc​esses as cataloguing, classification, bibliographies, indexing and others.

  3. To assist the readers in the use of library materials through libr​​ary orientation or readers' guidance, information literacy and ot​her types of information dissemination.

  4. To circulate the library collections to all patrons n​ot only in the university but also to the business and industry sectors and to the community of Jubail.

  5. To foster partnership among the Academic chairpersons, administration, faculty of various departments, the Textbook and Referenc​​e Selection Committee in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of all library collections and to better the support research and curricular needs of our clients.

  6. To conduct annual inventory of all the coll​​ections.

  7. To evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of library services through surveys and researches to be conducted by the LRC personnel for the​​ purpose of continuous improvement.