Supply Chain Management Course

Following are the main objectives of this SCM Program:

1- Understand the principles & role of Supply Chain Management in Organizations.

2- Understand the Supply Chain Model, Structure, Strategies, Planning & Operations.

3- Understand the nature & importance of inter-relationships within Supply Chain.

4- Understand & apply range of tools & techniques to supply chain optimization.

5- Come across relevant Supply Chain case studies from real business & industry.


Targeted Participants:

Following represent ONLY some of those targeted to attend this SCM Course:

- Anyone directly related to logistic functions and Supply Chain Management.

- Candidates responsible of Planning at either Strategic, Tactical or Operational level.

- Procurement/Warehouse & Inventory Managers, Superintendents or Supervisors.

- Those related to Materials supply to projects or service delivery to internal operations.

- Contract Officers or Anyone deals with Vendors/Suppliers or Customers/Clients.

- Professionals of Performance Management, or KPIs for effectiveness & efficiency.

- Those concerned with Continuous Improvement, Kaizen, Six-Sigma or Lean.

- Anyone related to the 3-flows of Materials, Information and Fund.

- ERP Systems Professionals (SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics) & Applications Specialists.


Course Outlines:

Day 1: 

Introduction to Supply Chains:

- Basic Definitions, Benefits & Perspectives of SCM.

- Supply Chain Organization & Other fundamental Issues.

Day 2:

Supply Chain Strategy & Design:

- Strategies, Network Design & Modeling, Supply Chain Configuration and Key Processes.

Day 3:

Supply Chain Planning & Operations:

- Forecasting, Planning at all levels, Procurement (Purchasing), Manufacturing, Warehousing and Multi echelon Physical Distribution, Inventory Management Logistics & Transportation Management.

Day 4:

Supply Chain Integration:

- Supply Chain Relationships. Collaboration & Partnership.

- Aggregate Planning (S&OP).

Day 5:

Conclusion & Case Studies:

- Summary of discussions with valid SCM' Examples.


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This Supply Chain Management (SCM) Program can be tailored to the potential participants at all levels, from "Basic" to "Advanced" level.


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