Scholarship and Training

The unit of training agency does the Auditing of Scholarship and training procedures and finishing all of administrative requirements in coordination with the Department of Workforce Development Through the planning and implementation of the program of deployment and scholarship The aim is to contribute to the development of human resources in the college based on the study the actual needs of the college.

The main functions of the training unit are:
  1. Auditing Scholarship applications requests before being displayed to the Department of workforce development.

  2. Transmitting scholarships requests for from the Cultural Missions to the concerned authorities and monitoring them.

  3. Responding to the Cultural Missions requests.
  4. Preparation of scholarships statistics for both outside and inside the kingdom scholarships.


  1. Identify training needs of the staff.
  2. Development of internal and external training schemes.
  3. Supervision and monitoring the progress and implementation of plans and training programs.
  4. Coordination with the Department of workforce development for internal and external training programs.

  5. Nomination for the training programs outside and inside the Kingdom.
  6. The link between the training center and the College.