Student Services

Student Services Unit

Student services unit provides many special extra-curricular activities in order to offer an attractive and incentive environment  for the students to develop their skills, knowledge, experiences, to refine their character of the socially, psychologically, educationally as well as promotes the religious and patriotism belonging.


  1. Providing a high quality services programs and student activities using the latest techniques.
  2. Preparing an attractive college environment for the student.
  3. Building an integrated and balanced student character.
  4. Strengthen values, Islamic principles and national spirits to the college student.
  5. Evaluating and continuous updating of student activities and services.

Our Services:

  • Students' lockers.
  • Transportation.
  • Issuing a formal letter of introduction according to the students' needs.
  • Student employment program: it provides an opportunity to work at the academic and administration college departments to acquire skills, knowledge and experience as well as occupying the students' leisure-time.
  • Selling student used books: the student services is recycling the used books to benefit from them through selling them to the students at a nominal cost. It also provides an opportunity to exchange the books among students in coordination with the unit.

Student Activities:

The student activities office seeks to make every possible effort to  evolve the students in an integrated way and to develop their skills, knowledge and experience through implementing various of extra-curricular activities helping them to achieve their desires and explore their talents as well as providing an opportunity to invest their  leisure-time with all that is useful and helpful.

Student Activities Goals:

  1. Rising self-motivation for granting tender without a financial return.
  2. Implementing activities that highlight the efforts of the club members in the area that they are distinguished by.
  3. Discovering and sponsoring talented students.
  4. Preparing an appropriate environment for the students to develop their abilities, skills, knowledge, and exchanging experience among them as well as encouraging, supporting and honoring them.
  5. Participating in different events in/outside the camps for sharing and exchanging experiences.
  6. Working as a team and taking responsibilities.
  7. Refining managerial and leadership talent in the student and train her.
  8. Acquiring and developing social skills like communication and dealing with others.
  9. Increasing the spirit of belonging in college students. 


The activities office supports several student clubs as:

  • Business Club.
  • Interior Design Club.
  • Computer Science Club.
  • English Language Club.
  • Religious Club.
  • Cultural Club.
  • REFD Volunteering Club.


Honor membership for graduates in the student clubs:

Honorary membership are given at the student clubs to JUC graduates who have made outstanding contributions in the student activities particularly and at the college in general, So that they will be given the right to attend and participate in the student activities for one year which is renewable at the recommendation of the club's supervisor and the approval of the student affairs deputy of the college.

Membership Rules:

  1. Membership is available for one year which is renewable at the recommendation of the club's supervisor and the approval of the student affairs deputy of the college.
  2. The number of honorary members should not exceed 10% of the members' total numbers.
  3. Compliance with the general college regulations and rules.
  4. Compliance with the student activities club regulations.
  5. Honorary members are entitled to benefit from all the services and activities of the club.
  6. Participate in the implementation of the activities of the club in coordination with the supervisor / president of the club.
  7. Honoring members of honor at the Annual Activities Closing Ceremony and allocate the award of "Excellence in Student Activities" which will be awarded to the best honorary member of the clubs.
  8. Membership ends in the following cases:
    1. The member requested to terminate her membership from the club.
    2. By the end of the academic year.
  9. Membership is dropped by violating the regulation of the student activities clubs or the rules followed inside the college and that is after a verbal/written notice and the approval of student affairs deputy.


Benefits that the participant student in the student's activities enjoyed by are:

  • Honoring the student in the Annual Activities Closing Ceremony.
  • Awarding of prizes and rewards for the distinguished students in the activities.
  • Nominating to work with the college standing committee.
  • Nominating to participate in student delegation to represent the college.
  • Nominating to participate in some internal activities and programs.
  • Counting the extra points during nominating the ideal student that is organized annually at female branch for both preparatory and bachelor program.